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Months ago: It took awhile, but watching dishes finally became pain-free. However, reviewing monthly statements with a fine-tooth comb is strongly advised. Expect to make some phone calls.

A month ago: Cha-ching! A 15-1 (Charlie Batch = dream-killer) week 17 propelled The Institute Pick'em Frenzy's 10th ranked entrant all the way to the top of the final standings. He is I and I am him, slim with a tilted brim.

A few weeks ago: Corporate structure shake-up at the Institute. Marketing's top dog tabbed fall guy. Domino effect?

A week ago: You know, this '08 Bushisms page-a-day calendar was a clutch gift from MJ. Sure they've been around for a few years, the Bushisms become poetry knowing this is W's final year on the job. "First, let me make it very clear, poor people aren't necessarily killers. Just because you happen to be not rich doesn't mean you're willing to kill."

Just days ago: This, That and He Said What? makes it's triumphant return! This semiannual posting craze is sure to catch on.

Yesterday: In a roundabout way, a sister school is claiming that they're sitting more students because their web site is (intentionally?) crappy. If they had a well-designed, easily navigable web site, so goes the argument, prospective students wouldn't be frustrated into calling. Sister please! (Noss-ism?)

Today: There wasn't a trace of ice on my morning commute until I started down that hill on Little Creek Road. Suddenly, my brakes wouldn't catch and I was flying, veering to the left and to the right, seemingly out of control. There was a pick-up off-road by the stars-and-stripes barn and a fellow on the other side of the road waving his arms frantically, then bailing as my swerving sport wagon barreled closer. I was going too fast and the road was too slick to turn off into an open field. A car was at the bottom of the hill, astutely peeling off onto the nearest driveway. I zipped by that car as Little Creek began to finally level off. My speed lowered and my brakes finally caught. Eeeewwwwwhat a rrrrush! A rush I hope to never experience again.

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