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FFL'07: Career Backups

Mr. Sparkle's crown is on the line as the Pfantasy Pfootball league is back after a brief hiatus. The deck's been reshuffled a bit as the "iPhone Doom" guy and Mr. Fuddruckers bailed, leaving 8 franchises to battle for Reprise supremacy. Looking at my team of Career Backups, I like what I see. Then I look at some of my opponents' rosters and I realize others must be thinking the same thing. Here's what I'm rolling out:

QB: Jon Kitna (7-52); Tony Romo (12-93)
RB: Larry Johnson (1-4); Travis Henry (2-15); Edgerrin James (6-45); Thomas Jones (9-68); Michael Turner (14-109)
WR: Chad Johnson (3-20); Larry Fitzgerald (4-29); Javon Walker (5-36); Darrell Jackson (10-77); Donte Stallworth (13-100); Patrick Crayton (16-125)
TE: Vernon Davis (8-61); Benjamin Watson (15-116)
K: Rob Bironas (17-132)
DEF: Pittsburgh (11-84)

This was the first draft where stolen picks became a common theme. Missing out on Adrian Peterson and the Ravens D led me down alternate routes on draft day. Again, no Eagle, but at least I don't have T.O.




The current state of the Little League World Series has deservedly faced plenty of criticism the last few years on the web, but this brief paragraph hits the nail on the head as well as any (from Deadspin):
I've always found ESPN's obsession with the Little League World Series pretty self serving. They are, after all, making money off the backs of 12-year-olds. I have nothing against Little League -- I once coached it -- but I have no clue as to why anyone other than coaches or parents would want to watch it. It's actually pretty boring; the umpiring is usually terrible and the parents are nuts. And the best players are mostly the ones who've hit puberty first, and watching a six-foot teenager hit popups that go for home runs over a 200-foot fence isn't my idea of compelling viewing.
But I'm not entirely anti-Little League. The Nintendo game was pretty awesome. With an unmatched combination of speed and power, my Mexico team couldn't be beat:



Casting Call

An '07 resolution has been to enter more contests. While the strategy really just subjects you to an immense amount of losing, MJ was lucky enough to net a gift card from the Insurance Company earlier this month. So I guess it's my turn to carry my weight in all of this. Here's the mission:
Contest -
The Immortal Postseason Moment - Hrbek's tag
The Cast - ??
Might as well turn yesterday's heartache into today's low-budget comedy. I'm seeing spaghetti and meatballs, the obligatory exaggerated tag turned pile-driver and a "language edited for tv" (think Boyz N The Hood on USA) spoof of the exchange between our hapless hero Gant and the married-to-the-mob ump. I need a Hrbek, a Gant, an Ump and a Corrales. Where're my thespians? Or should I just do a jib-jab?

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Midweek Reading - MJ's Day Off

Let's get to the targeted content:

Slate discusses what not to name that forthcoming blog of yours...
Link - Don't Drink the Balloon Juice

The article we've heard so much about...
Link - Baby Einsteins: Not So Smart After All

A little propaganda to warm you up for next quarter's holiday season...
Link - Santa: "I Killed Jesus"

And alas, some fun and games to kill time during Mallory's nap...
Link - Scrabble Cubes

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FFL'07: The Ultimate Weapon

My second fantasy football team of the season was assembled earlier this week. After paying homage to McNabbulous with my first team's name, I thought I'd sport a throwback this time around with The Ultimate Weapon.

Whitey's league is a 12-teamer, and I wasn't too happy to find myself jammed in the 12-hole upon entering the draft room. My mood improved about a half-hour later as Joseph Addai fell to me in that precarious position. I followed up with Lawrence Maroney and I felt like my 1-2 RB punch could be as good as anyone's. T.O. then fell in my lap in round 3 and I was confident that there would be at least 3 picks that I didn't screw up. What happened after that, not pretty (but it is a 12-team league):

QB: Tony Romo (7-84), Jay Cutler (8-85), Jake Delhomme (13-156)
RB: Joseph Addai (1-12), Lawrence Maroney (2-13), Cadillac Williams (5-60), Jerious Norwood (6-61), Brandon Jackson (12-133)
WR: Terrell Owens (3-36), TJ Houshmandzadeh (4-37), Vincent Jackson (9-108), Greg Jennings (10-110)
TE: Daniel Graham (14-157)
K: Mike Nugent (15-180) Mr. Irrelevant
DEF: Cincinnati (11-132)

Considering this league starts 3 WRs and a Flex player, I think it might be wise to cut Delhomme and add to my meat and potatoes. I don't have an Eagle... maybe bring in Hank Baskett?



Keep On Movementin’

I like to wear short socks but only have high Starbury’s. So after weeks of sporting a questionable look, the family decided to take a road-trip to the Town Mall of Westminster, home of the nearest Steve and Barry’s.

Fifty bucks at the S&B got us one collared shirt (Starbury line), two long-sleeve tees, one pair of mesh athletic pants, two women’s shirts, one Cutie Pie kid’s tee and one pair of women’s Starbury’s. Fifty bucks at the Air Jordan rack gets you a pair of Jumpman socks and a key chain.

Needless to say, we’re big fans of Steve and Barry’s and the mall as a whole. I found out the hard way though that the Westminster S&B store is a “level 4” store and it’s Starbury supply is often depleted, as it was this past weekend. I guess I’ll be a fashion misfit a while longer.

As for the Movement, Steph’s kept busy:

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Outsell Kanye or Quit Tryin'

There's hope. Heard 'em say on MSN:
"If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I'll no longer write music. I'll write music and work with my other artists, but I won't put out any more solo albums." -- 50 Cent
I need you right now... I beg all of you to help pull the plug on 50's career. Mr. West's Graduation can be pre-ordered on iTunes even as we speak. Or join me in line at Wal-Mart on 9/11 for the unleaded 'Ye. Just don't download, go out and buy the record.

What I'm trying to figure out is how this competition can end up being close? Is 50 even relevant to those who thought he at one point was relevant? Can hardcore steel-squeezers still respect the Culligan Man? 'Licia Keys better talk some sense in him.

On the flip-side, the SnyPod reminds me regularly that Kanye's the best thing going. You can't even tell MJ nothing. Throw in a collaboration a week and pandering to the internets crowd, and you figure West's popularity has dipped into fans of other genres. Sorry Mr. Jackson's gone.

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I posted this originally on my fantasy baseball league's message board but wanted to include it on Blah, Blah for posterity. Whether Jason Jenning’s mound mastery leads to the Stros tumble to the bowels of the senior circuit or just really screwed up a decent fantasy week for the Magnificent Maracas, I’ll forever be reminded of my Jennings-induced anxiety.


OK, so the slaughtering Jason Jennings took yesterday apparently isn't all that rare. In fact, according to JJ's flaming Y! note, some dude allowed 11 1st inning runs just last year for the KC Royals.

You know what? I hope this Jennings thing is a sign that the Astros are soon to be the new Royals... 20 years of ineptness, nary an all-star, laughing stock of the league.

I can't think of another MLB franchise I'd rather see suffer through pathetic season after pathetic season than Houston. They put a hill in center field for crying out loud! And every time I see them on TV, there's dumpy old "this is working out well for them" Babs Bush perched just over the batter's shoulder. And George senior popping peanuts, chirping with his oil cronies... get 'em off my screen! When this godforsaken franchise burns like Enron remember... Jason Jennings lit the fire!!!

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Chip Off The Old Brick

MJ reports that Mallory’s been spending quite a bit of her Gymboree time hanging out at the basketball hoop (the bucket's like this one, but those aren't my kids). While the rest of the class is gathered for some kooky story-time or clown magic tomfoolery (the clown looks like this, but that's not my kid), Mal-Biz is off on her own, takin' it to the tin. Now while I can’t condone skipping class for a roundball fix, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that was my Penn State York semester two game plan. Like father like daughter, for better or worse I guess.

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