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FFL'07: Career Backups

Mr. Sparkle's crown is on the line as the Pfantasy Pfootball league is back after a brief hiatus. The deck's been reshuffled a bit as the "iPhone Doom" guy and Mr. Fuddruckers bailed, leaving 8 franchises to battle for Reprise supremacy. Looking at my team of Career Backups, I like what I see. Then I look at some of my opponents' rosters and I realize others must be thinking the same thing. Here's what I'm rolling out:

QB: Jon Kitna (7-52); Tony Romo (12-93)
RB: Larry Johnson (1-4); Travis Henry (2-15); Edgerrin James (6-45); Thomas Jones (9-68); Michael Turner (14-109)
WR: Chad Johnson (3-20); Larry Fitzgerald (4-29); Javon Walker (5-36); Darrell Jackson (10-77); Donte Stallworth (13-100); Patrick Crayton (16-125)
TE: Vernon Davis (8-61); Benjamin Watson (15-116)
K: Rob Bironas (17-132)
DEF: Pittsburgh (11-84)

This was the first draft where stolen picks became a common theme. Missing out on Adrian Peterson and the Ravens D led me down alternate routes on draft day. Again, no Eagle, but at least I don't have T.O.


"Out of my way, all of you. This is no place for loafers! Join me or die! Can you do any less?"

- Mr. Sparkle

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