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Desktop: Biz-Art

Mallory goes to work on her art easel these days. She's learning from the magnetic shapes and also does a nice job with the whiteboard. Looking closer at her scribbles on this desktop shows a pretty well-balanced use of color. Of course, the scribbling is mostly done just so she can wipe the board clean again... "paper towel!"

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The King of Blazing Rockets

In the midst of an unprecedented string of playoff wins, the Portland Trailblazers replaced head coach Mike Shuler in 1989 with Rick Adelman. Under Adelman that season, the Blazers went from 3 games over .500 to 4 games under, squeaked into the playoffs, then lost in the first round for the fourth straight season.

The franchise took a giant leap forward under a fully entrenched Adelman in the following campaigns, experiencing their greatest 4-year run in franchise history. Portland netted 4 consecutive 50+ win seasons and 2 trips to the NBA finals (Mike shrugs shoulders). Their 63 wins in '90/'91 are the most in team history.

The Sacramento Kings franchise was fresh off 15 sub-.500 seasons in a row when Rick Adelman took over the reins in 1998. Following his arrival, the fevered fans of Sac-town were rewarded with 8 straight winning seasons, each of which resulted in postseason appearances.

Most cowbell rung in '01/'02, when the Kings notched the only 60+ win season in franchise history. Still fresh is their playoff run that season as Adelman's crew were an ill-advised Vlade Divac tipped ball away from reaching the NBA Finals.

With team and franchise player playoff performances being sketchy of late, the Houston Rockets welcomed Rick Adelman as new head coach this season. In the stacked Western Conference, Houston's postseason life was hardly a certainty.

But as the season progressed, and the cast of characters evolved regularly, the Rockets found themselves making regular-season history. Having surpassed the '70/'71 Milwaukee Bucks - that's Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's world-champion Bucks - this Rocket team has notched the second longest winning streak in NBA history. Only the Laker team of '71/'72 - and that's a Chamberlain/West/Goodrich world-champion Laker team - has tallied more consecutive victories.

I have a feeling if Houston was led by a rookie or younger coach, perhaps a former player from recent memory or a college convert, a 7-11 Slurpee flavor would have been named after him by now. But it's just old Rick Adelman... and all of this is nothing new.

Amazing Trivia Learned From Researching This Post

Name the 2 Bucks players in franchise history to have led the team in points, rebounds and assists in the same season.
  • Sidney Moncrief ('80/'81)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ('74/'75)


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