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I'll Vouch For That

I'm about to vouch like I haven't vouched in a while...

And what product better to set it off with than the Dr. Pepper I'm A Pepper Air Freshener? This scent was just recently installed in the Swag, but I'm predicting an impact on pop consumption. Quite frankly, I could see a one-can swing, one way or the other.

Less new to the Swag is Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. Let's call Fiasco Auto-Lupe because I've been wearing this one out over the last month. I would think even the non-rap fan readers of this blog might like tracks like "Superstar," "Streets on Fire," and "Little Weapon."

Thinkin' Arby's? If so, I'd like to direct your attention to the Chicken Salad Sandwich with Pecans. Don't bother clicking, here's the scoop: Freshly prepared chicken salad, made with grilled chicken, apples, grapes, celery, toasted pecans and mayo, with green leaf lettuce on thick sliced honey wheat bread. Almost enough to forgive them for the Oven Mitt.

And lastly, why not chill out this summer the old-fashioned way - via cool breeze? This Larson Screen Away Storm Door has me clamoring for some hot summer days. Should the heat get overbearing however, and the AC (and subsequent AC-lung) becomes very necessary, spare a second only and vamoose! The screen's gone!

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Being Donnie Walsh

Voting day... it's just like the Knicks. Lame-duck coach has more than worn out his welcome, turning a once-proud franchise on it's side. So the knucklehead who somehow extended his contract in the midst of chaos finally calls upon a grizzled vet to find a leader who can pick up the pieces. Today was Pennsylvania's chance to be that grizzled vet. It was our chance to play general manager and finalize the hiring of a quality candidate, but instead we let Hillary hang around. My guess is Donnie Walsh will treat the Knicks better.

The touch-screen voting booths are cool, but why can't I create/print my own commemorative sticker through this kiosk after finalizing my choices? The stand-by is getting stale, I want to customize! I'd go with a modification of the Nerdiac insignia to perpetuate the paranoia:

Of course, Busted Tees might be onto something as well.

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The Office

Yes, I do watch the show. I've even seen a handful of eps multiple times. Still, the details are apparently murky...

The Office Quiz (U.S. Edition)

Score: 39% (7 out of 18)

But you know I got #9 right!


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