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Being Donnie Walsh

Voting day... it's just like the Knicks. Lame-duck coach has more than worn out his welcome, turning a once-proud franchise on it's side. So the knucklehead who somehow extended his contract in the midst of chaos finally calls upon a grizzled vet to find a leader who can pick up the pieces. Today was Pennsylvania's chance to be that grizzled vet. It was our chance to play general manager and finalize the hiring of a quality candidate, but instead we let Hillary hang around. My guess is Donnie Walsh will treat the Knicks better.

The touch-screen voting booths are cool, but why can't I create/print my own commemorative sticker through this kiosk after finalizing my choices? The stand-by is getting stale, I want to customize! I'd go with a modification of the Nerdiac insignia to perpetuate the paranoia:

Of course, Busted Tees might be onto something as well.

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Who are these people that voted for Hillary?

Of course, PA always late to the party.

Now Barry's gone 'til November.

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