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Eagles 24, Falcons 17

So now we're a team that beats .500 teams with our second and
third-stringers, including record-setter Hank Baskett?!?



Blah, Blah, Blogging Through 2006

January: Discovering...
  • Rick Moranis on iTunes (One of my favorite CDs of the year)
  • Wings to Go doesn't like plastic (I haven't been back since)
  • Burlington's got throwbacks (I have been back - the racks haven't been as impressive)
February: So much for...
  • My AI5 pick (At least we didn't have to see Daughtry pitching Fords)
  • Photo of the Week (That didn't last long)
  • Team USA (I'm still a fan of the Classic)
March: Your last chance to read about...
  • Gerry McNamara (A nice run... I haven't seen him on an NBA roster)
  • The College Game (I've sworn off college sports and have not watched a minute of NCAA football or basketball since August)
April: That one really long post...
  • Me on Bonds (I've discovered that Bonds went 0-for-4 with 2 strikeouts in that 12-1 loss to the Dodgers in '93)
May: Got a new...
  • Daughter (She's bigger than that now)
  • Job (Sigh)
  • Hobby (The Bag Boy Christmas gift means no more $1.25 tack-ons)
June: The saga begins...
July: It's not easy...
  • To dominate the Scrabble Board!
  • To look like Jackie Brandt
  • To nail a Reggie Bush comparison (Flip his rush/rec yardage, you got Roger Craig; Could be the only thing I got right all year)
August: Yet another post about...
September: Sorry for...
October: To be concluded in '07...
November: Trying to make sense of outdated...
  • Radio programming (Phil Collins is on as I'm typing this... thankfully no more Christmas music)
  • Computer monitors (December's 800x600 resolution stat - 8.67%)
  • Coaches (No one has won more men's college games than Bobby)
December: Missing the cut...
  • Macy's no pet of the month (She's expressed her displeasure with her campaign managers in a not-so-subtle way)
  • My comments don't impress Peter King (Understandably so in retrospect)


Your 2006 Blah, Blah, Blog Awards Show

As voted by me (unless otherwise noted)...


Most electrifying superstar
: Gilbert Arenas
In one week Agent Zero went for 60 and 54 and the Wiz stopped Phoenix and Dallas winning streaks. All-star game appearances, postseason victories, sneaker deals, personal blogs... Keep Shootin' Gilbert!

Best rookie: Omar Gaither
Once again an Eagles 5th round draft choice is making a splash on the defensive side of the ball. Some feel the insertion of Gaither and Considine into the defensive lineup may be just as important to the Eagles turnaround as the play of Jeff Garcia.

Most inconspicuous by his absence: Joey Devine
He has yet to intervene for the Braves. It looks like he may never excel in the closer role as expected after ATL extended Bob Wickman's contract in the offseason.

Most unlikely adversary: Matt Bryant
Seriously? A game-winning 62 yard field goal with zero ticks left on the clock?

Most dominant fantasy team: FloodGates
A superb wire-to-wire effort by the Gates was capped off with a 1st place trophy in the Lounge Certified playoffs. Ray Allen, Elton Brand and Kevin Garnett led the way.


Most unlikely show to get hooked on: Wheel of Fortune
Wheel has become appointment viewing at our place. We've got Wheel Watcher Spin ID's and everything.

Best commercial: Candy Man*
* As voted by MJ. Everybody loves Chocolate, or at least their ads.

Greatest performance in a television series: Pablo**
** As voted by Mallory. This little Penguin's got the whole world in his yard to explore.

Best album: Once Again, John Legend
Consistent, quality R&B album featuring a nice retro sound. No guest verses. No "singin' over rap beats". John Legend's the real-deal... unfortunately you won't hear him on your radio.


Best use of the "urban vernacular": Todd's Blog of Tricks
Most likely to talk more business than EPMD: Witt Blog
Best comment-to-post ratio: Rant Rave and Blog
Best use of photoshop in a weekly feature: I Must Be Adopted
Most like a box of chocolates: Strousenet Blog



Fantasy Football Extended

Most fantasy football seasons have come to a close, leaving week 17 as merely a transition from fantasy-land to the playoffs for most NFL fans. However, the possibility of the Green Bay Packers making the playoffs may be more intriguing than any prize waiver claim or mid-season fantasy football blockbuster. Should any of the scenarios below come true for the Pack, they'll claim the 6 seed in the NFC playoff tree:

1) GB win + NYG win + GB clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over NYG, OR
2) GB win + NYG loss or tie + STL loss or tie, OR
3) GB win + NYG loss or tie + CAR win, OR
4) GB win + NYG loss or tie + ATL win, OR
5) GB tie + NYG loss + STL loss + ATL loss or tie + CAR loss or tie

Philadelphia vs. Green Bay in round 1 of the NFC bracket is fantasy football. I can't think of a more favorable match-up for the Eagles. Plus, it's always fun to watch Favre go down slinging. 4th and 26? That won't be necessary this time around (but it would be nice to make Fred Mitchell an honorary captain).

As for the actual fantasy football season, I'm pretending it never happened. The Gang Green franchise suffered miserably through yet another embarrassing campaign. Three leagues participated in, zero post-season appearances, out-scored by 76% of my opponents.

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Eagles 23, Cowboys 7

Romo's golden boots were stuffed with Cole;
Could these Birds bring cheer all the way to the Super Bowl?



I'll Vouch For Foster's Grille

Next time you're in Winchester, VA, be sure to swing by the new Foster's Grille at the Winchester Gateway. One-third owned by my sister and her husband, and one-third owned by my parents, I can unbiasedly (my gut tells me that's a word) vouch that it is too big for two hands. We traveled down last Sunday for the Grand Opening. I circled the fried chicken sandwich and it was like a new and improved Popeye's Po' Boy. Everyone really digs the fries. Nice atmosphere too.

Mallory also vouches.

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Eagles 38, Giants 22

It's tough to find a photo of the o-line, so the Wolverine will have to do.
His statline: 12 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 1 interception.



Eagles 21, Redskins 19

A few big-plays and uber-conservative Joe Gibbs coaching leads
Philly to second winning streak of '06.



The King and I

Peter King said (on page 7 of this week's Monday Morning QB):
h. You can always count on Aaron Brooks for a minus-two touchdown-to-interception ratio in a meaningless game. Or a meaningful one, for that matter, though he hasn't played in one of those in years.
Being a quasi Aaron Brooks apologist, I threw this comment into his Mailbag:
Nice try Mr. King. I'm no Aaron Brooks apologist, but check out these touchdown-to-interception ratios: Aikman 1.17; Moon 1.24; Elway 1.32; Kelly 1.35; AARON BROOKS 1.40.
This next sentence was going to link to the reprint of that mind-blowing nugget in today's Monday Morning QB Tuesday Edition. But I am shocked, shocked!, to see that King (unranked, by the way) ducked my call-out of his call-out. And I'm sure the Aaron Brooks photo choice on page 2 is a not so coy call-out of my call-out of his call-out.

Anyway, Donovan's is 2.11. Try to remember that when ol' #5 gets back on the field (sometime in the middle of 2010?) and Aikman is in the booth questioning his decision-making.

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Eagles 27, Panthers 24

Save a gameball for the WR corps of Stallworth, Brown, Baskett
and Lewis: 11 catches for 226 yards and 2 TDs



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