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That's the percentage of the Institute's site visitors that viewed our site in November on an 800x600 monitor. I have yet to wipe the cringe off my face. At least the number falls to 6.63% when dated back to the beginning of August, when Analytics was applied to our site.

Screen Resolutions in November
1. 1024x768  66.22%
2. 1024x738 9.41%
3. 800x600 8.01%
4. 1280x1024 5.07%
5. 1280x800 3.57%
6. 1152x864 2.04%
7. 1024x742 1.33%
8. 1440x900 1.11%
22. 640x480 0.03%

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What's wrong with 800 X 600?

I love it. It makes my Windows 98 SE look wonderful!

What Analytics are you using?
I got these numbers from our Google Analytics account. It's pretty cool and ties in with our AdWords campaigns nicely.

I can't get a version breakdown within Windows 98, but that OS is being used by 1.43% of our visitors this month. Not so bad.

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