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Rose Radio Freestyle #3

What's that Shannon? Let The Music Play? Like I have a ch... wait! My office mate is moving to her own office (with radio) and a new hire will be moving in. Suddenly, the relationship I've forged with adult contemporary is on the rocks. This could get messy...

First of all, Rose, why do Alicia Keys and Corinne Bailey Rae still only have one song each in rotation? Keys couldn't even drive when "Falling" came out. "No One" is the joint. "Trouble Sleeping" ditto. They're not Business Radio enough for you?

Now don't even try to recapture my soul with Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up." It was better the first time when Aaliyah featuring Slick Rick sang it!

Anymore, It's like I don't even know you... Thousand Dollar Thursday winners struck it rich in the AM and PM this week?

How could you? I thought I told you I only want new stuff from Enrique Iglesias that includes sound effects from a game room. The Ping Pong Song was pop at its finest, and the best use of table-game audio since Blackstreet's "Good Life" dropped in a billiards break. But you passed over the table tennis track, instead serving this "Somebody's Me" mush.

Speaking of mush, there's Meatloaf that can be sliced and served with onions and barbecue sauce that unsettles MJ. And then there's Meatloaf that attempts to recreate entire hokey, down at the dixie high school musicals in four minutes and some seconds that unsettles myself. "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is pure torture.

This split is getting ugly, and the Rose knows it... Tracey Chapman followed immediately by Corey Hart. Wow, a whole 4-song catalog between them. You know what? We're through.

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Bears 19, Eagles 16

We've reached that point in the season that is becoming all too familiar: Is it time to write off the Birds? And now more than ever, is it time to write off the Reid/McNabb/Dawkins Birds? Hooorn!...

First, Chris dissects the team by the locks:
I do believe this team is a hair away from being the best team in the division, problem is, everyone on the team is a hair off. Can everyone straighten their hair in sync?
Then, Todd gets a little carried away:
But still...they all (Eagles divisional counterparts) have shown me lightyears (okay, maybe a little exagerration) more than the 'Birds this year. Do the 'Birds have a pulse? I don't know.
Finally, I consider The Foundation:
The Eagles (season) does feel like it's shot, but you've got to remember last season. The big difference is that our division isn't down like it was last year. Still, don't give up, don't ever give up.
Okay, maybe the Eagles aren't worthy of the Valvano quote. It seems like we're all kind of coming from the same place in that we don't want to throw in the towel yet, but it's hard not to be down on these Beagles right now.

Taking Inventory
  • John Elway's "The Drive": 98 yards, 4 min. 53 sec.
  • Brian Griese's "The Drive": 97 yards, 1 min. 43 sec.
  • Sav Rocca punts inside the 5 while holding a lead late in a game, season: 1
  • Insert forced 3-and-outs stat here: not good
  • Fantasy Record: 21-21
  • Office Pick'em: 64-40 (14th place)
Recap Rewind: '05 | '06



2007 World Series Preview

Remember how exciting "bread sticks, bread sticks" was at Sovereign Bank Stadium last summer? Well, every World Series base-runner (or at least those without a base-runner in front of them) brings with him the potential to steal you a taco, just as the opposing #2 hitter had the potential to wiff you free pizza crust against the Revs.

These really are the only numbers worth considering heading into Rox/Sox best-of-7:
Willy Taveras - 33 SB
Kazuo Matsui - 32 SB
Matt Holliday - 11 SB

Red Sox
Julio Lugo - 33 SB
Coco Crisp - 28 SB
Jacoby Ellsbury - 9 SB
So who's going to be this year's W.S. hero? Yo quiero Taco Bell!




Did you know that the great thing about a DVR is that you can pause live TV?!? Did you know that the great thing about wanting your dish installed on an in-ground pole next to your house in hopes of keeping the eyesore as inconspicuous as possible will pause an install?!? This apparently needs to be clarified during the order call, which I mentioned but did not officially request I guess. Also, I found out that I'll be getting 2 dishes (1 for HD and 1 for standard), which is the first that I've heard of this. Next attempt at a hook-up is next Saturday AM.



Doin' the Dish

I did it. The monopoly has been Comcastrated. Eighy-sixed. X'd punk.

I thought I'd document my journey to the plate since I expect it to be an unsettling experience at times. I'll start with the history that brought me to stop feeding the pig:
  1. Comcast terminated my employment
  2. My Comcast bill 10-ish/06: $114/mo
  3. My Comcast bill 11-ish/06: $129/mo
  4. My projected Comcast bill 11-ish/07: $136/mo
Maybe my biggest beef though has to do with DVR service. In order to be willing to pay the empire an additional $12/mo for DVR service, a $13/mo upgrade to Digital Preferred is required. Granted, SusCom's policy was similar, but it just bothers me.

The Clipper Curse
MJ's been in a coupon mood lately and therefore procured her mom's Clipper Magazine. I've been in a Dish Network mood and had finally gotten a handle on their current offer when I saw an ad in the Clip for Dish service from an authorized retailer that included the current offer plus freebies: TV Guide for a year; choice of iPod, Digital Video Camera, Home Theater System; free $100 Gas Card. I wrestled with that ad and after three falls had the match. Last night, I made the call.

56 Minutes, 17 Seconds
I went in with a gameplan... If favorable responses were received to my fact-finding questions, I was placing an order, even though I was skeptical that anything was going to go my way. Well, the reality was a 50/50 split. After slight hesitation, I unpocketed the plastic. Nearly an hour later, I give you the lowdown:

  • America's Top 200, local channels, regional sports networks (MASN and CSN-MA), DVR service, all fees except local tax: $49.99/mo
  • HD Package including 38 channels in hi-def: Free for 6 months, $20/mo after promotional period or $6/mo enabling fee which still gives you locals in HD
  • Free HBO, Cinimax and the like for 3 months
  • Free Dual-tuner HD DVR receiver makes programming and DVR service accessible from 2 TVs eliminating the need to purchase a 2nd box with an additional DVR service fee
  • Free Dish
  • Free Installation
The "Extras"
  • Free TV-Guide for 1 year - okay, not necessary, but I'll take it
  • Free iPod - Not so fast... it's a Shuffle, and an old 512 MB model at that. It must be redeemed through their web site where the details are revealed. Hassle + $25 shipping > Value of 512 MB iPod stick. I guess I'll just go with the home theater system.
  • Free Gas Card - Again, I'm passing on this. My head is still spinning from their Redeption Policy.
  • Disney Trip - After I placed my order, they transferred me for "verification" which was really 15 minutes hearing about a great trip featuring time-shares and VIP cards that I had to decide on then and there because they only had a few left.
Other Notes
  • There is a $30 non-refundable start-up charge
  • This particular company checked my credit score which somehow signed me up for an account with the scorers that MJ had to cancel this morning
  • After the free prize discoveries, I have little faith in this company's truthiness. But there apparently is a nationwide high-speed internet offering from Dish and AT&T coming in the very near future



Rose Radio Freestyle #2

Ghouls, goblins, gremlins... nothing is as gory as what Lou from Carpet Mart did to the legacy of Ray Parker Jr.

The Fray knows How to Save a Life? I know some flavorful hard candy that is unimpressed.

This Colbie Caillat's a breath of fresh air... her CD has been Targeted.

Despite decades of business radio friendly material, Hall & Oates are by and large inconspicuous on 101.3. However, their ad for an upcoming holiday ablum has me thinking the Rose's H&O tolerance levels will soon intersect my own.

I know the game, I watch it unfold. If someone strikes it rich with a thousand dollar cash prize in the AM, never test that Free Money Machine in the PM past $250. He'll devour your gusto like a bag of cheezy doodles at an NBA draft.

Speaking of game-play strategy, most know to call "S" first on a Wheel of Fortune "Things" puzzle. But making "R" your first choice on an "Occupation" puzzle is nearly as solid a play.

If Phil Collins were a baseball player he would lead the league in Slugging Percentage. He hits often and he hits hard. Bat him 4th with confidence.

The Fray knows How to Save a Life? Why didn't you just say so? You'll tour with Smashing Pumpkins.


Eagles 16, Jets 9

Terry Bradshaw called them the ugliest uniforms. To me, the Jets get-up was just plain lazy. It was like they didn't bother getting all the licensing and ended up looking like pre-'82 Topps football cards. Haven, Horace:

Thanks guys. Anyway, the game was so-so. The ball was moved about but points were somehow a premium. William Thomas returned to keep Ol' #5 upright enough to throw a sneaky slant to Kevin Curtis for the game's only touchdown. And the defense continued to play well without secondary sensations "Lockdown" Lito and "The Wolverine." Ho-hum. Next.

Taking Inventory
  • David Akers kicking in Jersey in '07: 4-for-7
  • McNabb v. Favre, '07 QB Rating: 87.9 > 87.0
  • McNabb v. Favre, '07 TD/Int Ratio: 3:1 > 3:2
  • Correll Buckhalter YPC, season-to-date: 5.4
  • Fantasy Record: 19-17
  • Office Pick'em: 54-36 (14th place)
Recap Rewind: '05 | '06



Double Take

While thumbing through the latest Sensational Beginnings, you may have been taken aback by the photo above. However, I am here to report that Mal-Biz has not launched a modeling career.



Straw Man

Speech quirks are generally cool. But when an individual's quirkiness spreads like wildfire and becomes common lingo within a greater body politic, it's time to squash the quirk.

Case in point, IT's love affair with "straw man," their VP/Chief Officer's vocal treasure. Considering it's intention to foster discussion and argument, straw man's often an appropriate phrase choice. But now everything is a straw man: a list of meeting attendees; a staff brainstorming session; a working copy of a site's navigational tree.

My underlying problem with this newfound lexicon is that I used to draw Straw Man. My illustrations of a pin-striped, overbiting ol' #18 were seemingly well received... "nice Straw Man." Did they like my Strawberry or were they looking to start an argument? Were my depictions of an unorthodox leg-kick perceived merely as a flawed, unpolished first attempt? I don't know... I'm just throwing it out there... as a straw man.

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Hip Hop Honors '07

Recapping VH1 award shows on may not be hip hop, but there's not a building tall enough around Lakeview Drive on which to spray this entry. The Honorees were hip hop though, and the "You ain't hip hop" skit served Tracy Morgan well as host.

I can't quite figure out though why award shows keep inviting performers who struggle in a live setting. The opening tribute to Honoree Missy Elliott was littered with them - Tweet, Keisha Cole, even Nelly Furtado was weak. T-Pain was awful, Lupe Fiasco forgot a few lines and Busta Rhymes was insane (although entertaining I must admit).

The show picked up from there. As usual, the old men in the room proved to hold the mic with supreme authority. The likes of Whodini, Teddy Riley, Busy Bee, KRS-One, Phife Dawg and Q-Tip delivered the old school goods to be expected at a Hip Hop Honors show.

The highlight for me was Kool Moe Dee's "How Ya Like Me Now" verse during the New Jack Swing tribute. Moe was a few pounds to the good physically compared to when he dropped the title track to solo album #2 back in '87, but he was pretty close vocally. He also seemingly buried the hatchet with LL (who appeared as a presenter) with a lyric swap out. Moe, or at least the Treacherous Three, has to be in line for an '08 Honor, right?

Here’s your Hip Hop Honors ’07/Blah, Blah, Blog Official Mix (and I do mean) Tape:

Side A
  1. Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
  2. Five Minutes of Funk - Whodini
  3. Gossip Folks - Missy Elliott
  4. Groove Me - Guy (New Jack Swing)

Side B

  1. What's My Name? - Snoop Doggy Dogg
  2. Fantastic Freaks at the Dixie - Fantastic Freaks (Wild Style)
  3. We Got Our Own Thang - Heavy D and the Boyz (New Jack Swing)
  4. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo - A Tribe Called Quest

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Rose Radio Freestyle

Gloria Gaynor wants us to know very badly that she will survive. She's fairly non-descript on post-survival life. For all we know, her strategy backfired.

Who is this Tears For Fears and their "Everybody Wants To Rule The World?" Uhh yeah, it was better the first time when it was called "Rule" and Nas featuring Amerie sang it.

Save for Summertime by JJ+FP on Flashback Fridays, the Monster Mash is the closest thing to rap the Rose is going to drop. This haunting tale only serves as a reminder that real holiday music is merely weeks away.

Patch knows a relentless business radio blitz for their staple Buzzword is the key to owning family fun night. You want a piece of Saturday night Milton Bradley, you pony up to the Rose.

After reading the speculation in this article, the brilliance of Pootie Tang's musicianship is even more evident. Sa-da-tay!

You know what Duncan Shiek? Asthma's not to be taken lightly. How about we get your uncle Iron to put you in the Camel Clutch? Then you'll know what "Barely Breathing" really is, one-hitter.

If today's copyright rules applied in '79, do you really think Chic greenlight's sampling of "Good Times" for an anecdote about a friend's mom's bad cookin'? (Recounting... I understand about the food baby-bubba but we're still friends.) Maybe so.

Don't call it a comeback! Revivals by The Eagles and REO Speedwagon are instant classics. Hard to find new releases with vibes like these.



I'll Vouch For That

I'll vouch for the new World of Wings joint on 30 West. Don't let the fact that it's sandwiched between Pizza Hut and a Grease Monkey fool you... it's a happening place. I'm hardly a viable food critic, but the menu was right in my wheelhouse. The atmosphere seals the deal - bold colors, flat-panel tvs and WiFi. You could even go there for lunch. Their web presence is less vouchable, but you can check 'em out online at

I'll vouch for cereal's shift to stick crappy plastic toys in their boxes again. The Spongebob toppers are quality little freebies, although the Buzz Spinner is low on functionality. Bottom line... the junk drawer can be full again without logging into

I'll vouch for Hala Gas. I've been hoping for years that someone would re-occupy their location since it's the most time-efficient spot for me to stop for a work morning fill-up. Brand spankin' new pumps, competitive prices... now they just need some business!

I'll vouch for Spoonfed Photoshop Tutorials at Unfortunately, many tutorial sites that I've come across in the past run out of ideas and dry up pretty quickly. Hopefully this site keeps 'em coming... they provide a great work-day change-up.



Giants 16, Eagles 3

When Michael Strahan opened the telecast of this game by declaring "Eagles/Giants is like Nascar," I would have been better off to have taken his nonsensical analogy literally and done what I usually do if I see Nascar on TV... turn the channel. What a disaster.

But let's get to the fun... Winston Justice headline writing. My guess was that's Eagles section would have featured a cornucopia of "Justice" headlines, but only see "You call this Justice?" How about:
  • Justice got served
  • Criminal Justice
  • Opening the doors of Justice
  • Osi smokes Winston
  • With Justice, no peace for Ol' #5
What'd'ya got?

Taking Inventory
  • Giants sack total versus Eagles, week 4: 12
  • Reggie Brown's receiving yards per game: 20
  • Philly's record wearing midnight green protective gear, year-to-date: 0-3
  • Times I saw my dad in a crowd pan at Memorial Stadium's final game while flipping to Orioles Classics on MASN during an Eagles/Giants timeout: 1 (well, 5 counting DVR rewinds)
  • Fantasy record: 15-9
  • Office Pick'em: 39-23 (6th place)
Recap Rewind: '05 | '06


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