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I'll vouch for the new World of Wings joint on 30 West. Don't let the fact that it's sandwiched between Pizza Hut and a Grease Monkey fool you... it's a happening place. I'm hardly a viable food critic, but the menu was right in my wheelhouse. The atmosphere seals the deal - bold colors, flat-panel tvs and WiFi. You could even go there for lunch. Their web presence is less vouchable, but you can check 'em out online at

I'll vouch for cereal's shift to stick crappy plastic toys in their boxes again. The Spongebob toppers are quality little freebies, although the Buzz Spinner is low on functionality. Bottom line... the junk drawer can be full again without logging into

I'll vouch for Hala Gas. I've been hoping for years that someone would re-occupy their location since it's the most time-efficient spot for me to stop for a work morning fill-up. Brand spankin' new pumps, competitive prices... now they just need some business!

I'll vouch for Spoonfed Photoshop Tutorials at Unfortunately, many tutorial sites that I've come across in the past run out of ideas and dry up pretty quickly. Hopefully this site keeps 'em coming... they provide a great work-day change-up.


I'll vouch for your Randel El far.

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