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Everything that happened in the more recent last 10 days...

December 19th: MNF stands for Monday Night Favre as the gunslinger's 3 win Packers square off against the 4 win Ravens. So thrilling that I actually watched a series or two, which was enough action to see Favre throw a few hail-mary's. It's amazing that he actually used to be pretty good.

December 21st: Gilbert Arenas scores 36 points on 14 of 27 shooting to lead the Wiz past the Nuggets. The Wizards are currently the 8th ranked team in the Eastern Conference and are not quite playing as well as they played last season. Big reason? 27 shots is not enough for Gil Arenas... keep shootin' Gilbert!

December 22nd: From the mouth of the Ultrasound technician... "If you promise not to paint your room pink, it looks like a 70/30 chance it's a girl." Fair enough. A gray room it is.

December 23rd: Nice! An early Christmas gift! The Papertown Fribble acquired Tracy McGrady and Joel Pryzbilla from Upper Echelon for Baron Davis and Emeka Okafor. I know, it sounds like Echelon got the gift, but the Fribble needed a shake-up!

December 24th: Good to see the George W. Bush Christmas photo was replaced by Olivia's Happy Hannukah craft at the Miller's.

December 25th: Christmas morning with MJ... good times. And how about that iHome? An alarm clock with a sleep mode that plays music from an iPod means no more John Tesh Radio Show!

December 26th: Team Jacoby/Snyder thrive down the stretch of "Think A Little During Christmas" and edge Team Dietrich/Kayla by 1 point. Clutch work on the Singers and Songs Jumble.

December 27th: The return of junkmail... it is amazing to me that I still only get 12 CD's for the price of one. In 1989, I got 8 tapes for the price of one. Considering the boom in digital music over the last 3 years or so, I would have bet the penny that you tape to the reply card that you could get at least 25 CD's for the price of one by now.

December 28th: On her way home from work, just as she's about to turn into the driveway, my wife decides to shine her high-beams in the direction of an oncoming police car. The officer figures he'd investigate and gets out of his car as my wife stops in the driveway. A brief exchange of "can I help you with anything ma'am" followed by "I'm sorry, I meant to turn on my turn signal" and the policeman left. The problem? MJ was driving with a headlight out. The cop either didn't notice or thought it was no big deal. Nice work, Ace.

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Everything that happened in the last 10 days...

December 9th: Scottie Pippen's jersey was retired and sent to the rafters during halftime of the Bulls/Lakers game. I watched the ceremony online the following day... kudos to Doug Collins for well-done videotaped congrats. Thumbs down to Phil "I remember the migraines against Detroit" Jackson and Michael "Scottie always had my back" Jordan for their sloppy live efforts, but it was cool that everyone showed up.

December 11th: I missed the Eagles game but it sounds like they gave the Giants all they could handle. In other NFL action, the Bengals' lackluster performance against the Browns ended my Fantasy Football season. (P.S. Don't Forget - The Eagles took Freddie Mitchell 10 picks before the Bengals took Chad Johnson in the 2001 NFL Draft.) So long FFL 2005, I won't miss you!

December 12th: State Fair Corn Dogs... I'll vouch for that.

December 14th: Goodtime Ice is off to another great start against Upper Echelon in the Blades Of Steel Fantasy Hockey League. Could I have possibly assembled the most dominant fantasy hockey team ever? Furthermore, is there anything less impressive than assembling the most dominant fantasy hockey team ever?

December 15th: Randal's 180 in the final hour of The Apprentice not only jilted Rebecca, but the entire 4th season of the show. Trump wanted to hire them both... since when does Trump not do what Trump wants to do? Oh yeah, that's right, he had good reason... it's The Apprentice, not The Apprenti!

December 16th: Sign me up for The Colbert Report's "The Campaign Against Humbuggery: The War on Holiday". Its time to take a stand, and stop dragging "Holiday" through the mud.

December 17th: Whitey drops 53 points in 40 minutes in our final church league game of 2005. We were shorthanded and had to go with 4 players against 5, but the Energizer bunny just kept plugging away and lighting up the scoreboard. If I would have glanced at that very scoreboard once in awhile, we might have won the game... but that's a different story.

December 18th: Birds Win! Birds Win! Once again I missed the game, but it was nice to hear that the Eagles triumphed in a rematch of the 2001 NFC Championship game. RB Ryan Moats had the highlight run, but you still have to consider that he gained 19 yards total on his 11 other carries. In other NFL news, says here that "Rex Grossman's rescue effort elevated him back to starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears". Hmmm... Rex entered the game with a 6-3 Chicago lead and the Bears won 16-3. Nice work, uhhh, Rex?

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Weekend Reading VII

Some interesting, albeit dated in some cases, stories for your reading pleasure...



Christmas Remixed

Already tired of the same old, same old Christmas tunes. The following albums combine the latest in electronic music with the classic sounds of Bing Crosby, Johnny Mercer, Dean Martin and Mel Torme. You can find them all on iTunes Music Store.

  • Christmas Remixed (2003 Six Degrees Records)
  • Holiday Dance Party - The Christmas Remixes (2004 Christmas Chill)
  • The Reindeer Room: A Christmas Chillout (2004 Kriztal Entertainment)
  • Holiday Lounge - The Christmas Remixes (2004 Christmas Chill)
  • hOMe for the Holidays (2003 Om Records)
  • Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remixed (2005 Capitol USA)

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Week 13 Weigh-In

Oh the Green Bay Coaching Tree!!! The most painful side-effect of last night's horrible loss to the Seahawks wasn't the 3 turnovers returned for touchdowns. It wasn't the fact that the nearly non-existent Eagles playoff hopes were slashed. It wasn't even Koy Detmer's lack of pocket presence.

No, it was the multiple means by which the MNF crew presented the Green Bay Coaching Tree. First they told us about it as an "oh by the way" kind of thing. Then they broke out the '92 staff photo where Dick Jauron is not looking at the camera. (Didn't notice that on the initial shot, don't worry, we'll scale up his headshot and put it in a call-out box.)

The beat goes on... the next step was some game footage from a Packer sideline where Andy Reid assumed responsibility for a Brett Favre mistake. Apparently he made those when he was young. Finally, the graphics team got in on the act by creating an actual family tree style layout of the coaches. If think if you went to, that would be the sitemap page.

Anyway, back to the game.

The good: The offensive line seemed to do a pretty good job. Not many great running lanes, but they gave most plays a chance and the Eagles did sustain some drives early.

The bad: Mike McMahon had a tough game, throwing one pick due to a poor, effortless route, and one by staring down his receiver. I thought he got a quick hook though. Koy Detmer just doesn't appear to have a lot going for him at the QB spot. I can't imagine Reid giving Koy the nod next week.

The ugly: Many Philly players seemed to have been exposed last night. WR Greg Lewis was called out by John Madden and didn't really do anything right. RB Ryan Moats didn't break a tackle all night long. The linebackers couldn't cover the TE when the game still mattered, and Jeremiah Trotter made 2 critical end zone mistakes on the Seahawks first score. Heck, even the old punter Sean Landeta looked like he was kicking bricks out there.

By the way, is available. Hmmm...



Week 12 Weigh-In

One thing's for sure... as bad as things seem for the Philadelphia Eagles, things are a great deal worse for former NFC standout Green Bay Packers. The Pack proved to be just the opponent the Eagles needed to break out of their 4-game losing funk. Once again, Brett Favre got it done during crunchtime, finding Eagles "receivers" twice on the final drive during last Sunday's 19-14 Philadelphia win. (Says here that Favre likes black jersey's too.)

The win makes for an interesting Monday Night Football match-up against the NFC-leading Seattle Seahawks. If the Eagles can find a way to win at home tonight, they would keep their slimmer-than-Pinkston playoff hopes alive. A 6-6 record would mean that the Eagles would be only one game behind many of the top wild card contenders, including Dallas, Minnesota and Atlanta. If these teams, and/or the Giants falter down the stretch, the Birds might still be alive.

After tonight's game, the Eagles face only one more team with a winning record - the Giants. If Philly runs the table and Dallas wins only 2 more games and NY wins only 1 more game, the Eagles would win the NFC East. Unlikely? Probably. But anything can happen.

Remaining schedules after tonight's Eagles/Seahawks matchup...
Eagles: vs. Giants, at Rams, at Cardinals, vs. Redskins
Cowboys: vs. Chiefs, at Redskins, at Panthers, vs. Rams
Giants: at Eagles, vs. Chiefs, at Redskins, at Raiders


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