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Everything that happened in the more recent last 10 days...

December 19th: MNF stands for Monday Night Favre as the gunslinger's 3 win Packers square off against the 4 win Ravens. So thrilling that I actually watched a series or two, which was enough action to see Favre throw a few hail-mary's. It's amazing that he actually used to be pretty good.

December 21st: Gilbert Arenas scores 36 points on 14 of 27 shooting to lead the Wiz past the Nuggets. The Wizards are currently the 8th ranked team in the Eastern Conference and are not quite playing as well as they played last season. Big reason? 27 shots is not enough for Gil Arenas... keep shootin' Gilbert!

December 22nd: From the mouth of the Ultrasound technician... "If you promise not to paint your room pink, it looks like a 70/30 chance it's a girl." Fair enough. A gray room it is.

December 23rd: Nice! An early Christmas gift! The Papertown Fribble acquired Tracy McGrady and Joel Pryzbilla from Upper Echelon for Baron Davis and Emeka Okafor. I know, it sounds like Echelon got the gift, but the Fribble needed a shake-up!

December 24th: Good to see the George W. Bush Christmas photo was replaced by Olivia's Happy Hannukah craft at the Miller's.

December 25th: Christmas morning with MJ... good times. And how about that iHome? An alarm clock with a sleep mode that plays music from an iPod means no more John Tesh Radio Show!

December 26th: Team Jacoby/Snyder thrive down the stretch of "Think A Little During Christmas" and edge Team Dietrich/Kayla by 1 point. Clutch work on the Singers and Songs Jumble.

December 27th: The return of junkmail... it is amazing to me that I still only get 12 CD's for the price of one. In 1989, I got 8 tapes for the price of one. Considering the boom in digital music over the last 3 years or so, I would have bet the penny that you tape to the reply card that you could get at least 25 CD's for the price of one by now.

December 28th: On her way home from work, just as she's about to turn into the driveway, my wife decides to shine her high-beams in the direction of an oncoming police car. The officer figures he'd investigate and gets out of his car as my wife stops in the driveway. A brief exchange of "can I help you with anything ma'am" followed by "I'm sorry, I meant to turn on my turn signal" and the policeman left. The problem? MJ was driving with a headlight out. The cop either didn't notice or thought it was no big deal. Nice work, Ace.

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