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That Gas Article

I've done a great job bringing up the subject of an MPG article I read recently (small-talk enthusiasts world-wide have confirmed: gas is the new humid), but a lousy job articulating the post's contents. So here goes...

First, the line graph:

Next, the math:
15 mpg = 660 gallons per 10,000 miles
20 mpg = 500 gallons per 10,000 miles
30 mpg = 330 gallons per 10,000 miles
45 mpg = 220 gallons per 10,000 miles
60 mpg = 160 gallons per 10,000 miles
And finally, the source:



Do me a big Favrer

Ahhh yes, the Brett Favre song-and-dance has served well as NFL offseason drama. The story has really evolved into a satire of today’s sports coverage as even the worldwide leader seems to recognize that the constant analysis is silly. Most recently, the story has dinged the iron-man’s rep a bit as he’s resorted to launching insults at Packer brass. Oh I forgot, he shoots from the hip… rep remains fully intact.

But here’s the thing: I’m dead serious when I say, “Thank you Gunslinger, and please return as a Redskin.”

First, thanks for giving Ol’ #5 a year off from the ESPNapparazzi. Nothing about McNabbulous heading to the Windy City. Not a peep from Wilma. I bet you even forget the name of the guy Big Red took in round 2 last year.

Second, Washington is the perfect fit for Favre - suit him up in Burgundy and Old! The Birds were tied for last in the league in picks a season ago with 11. Coupling the addition of Asante Samuel to our secondary with the opportunity to face Favre twice a season (and assuming we can catch punts), we’d be going worst-to-first like Bob Cox and them. Could the Birds trade a player to the Pack on the Skins behalf? I got it…

Redskins get: Brett Favre
Packers get: LJ Smith
Eagles get: Complimentary National Zoo Passes

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PepsiStuff (Disa)Points

For some reason, I’m still a sucker for a cap game. I’ve been collecting PepsiStuff Points for the last few months, routinely banking my 18¢ codes in hopes of freely downloading the summer’s hits from Sucker.

First problem: This summer’s releases have been whack. When Miley Cyrus is 1 of 5 highlights on PepsiStuff’s home page, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Second problem: Amazon has been selective with its PepsiStuff offerings. Just this last week, I scored only 1 summer jam of the 6 under consideration due to PepsiStuff availability issues. The download was the ColdPlay hit... but these sophisticated bands just give you their music now, right?

Bottom line? You’re better off soaking your Cheerios in Pepsi… maybe washing your hair with Pepsi… so you can rack up 60 for a vintage Pepsi Tee.

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Catch a Fallen Starbury

Chapter 11 v. The Movement… who wins? Steve and Barry’s recent bankruptcy protection filing may have taken some of the punch out of its forthcoming opening at the West Manchester Mall, but don’t sleep on their roster: Starbury (naturally), Sarah Jessica Parker, Venus, Amanda Bynes. That’s right “harsh economic environment,” Amanda Bynes!



4 Minutes

Madonna just won’t quit. After all these years, who would have thought that she would be the artist delivering the soundtrack to Mallory’s first unprompted pop-song sing-along: “Tick tock, tick tock.” Alright, for future reference Mal-Biz, here’s your Triple-B Madonna Mix Tape:

Side A
4 Minutes
Get Into The Groove
Ray of Light
Crazy For You

Side B
Who’s That Girl
What It Feels Like For A Girl
This Used To Be My Playground

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Bib #151

At this rate, MJ's Beijing-bound. She participated in her first 5K run last weekend, wrapping up the last leg of a team entry into the annual Y-Tri.

At the Y-Tri, you either smoke, or in the case of Bibs number 10, 168, 122 & 9, you get smoked!

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