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PepsiStuff (Disa)Points

For some reason, I’m still a sucker for a cap game. I’ve been collecting PepsiStuff Points for the last few months, routinely banking my 18¢ codes in hopes of freely downloading the summer’s hits from Sucker.

First problem: This summer’s releases have been whack. When Miley Cyrus is 1 of 5 highlights on PepsiStuff’s home page, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Second problem: Amazon has been selective with its PepsiStuff offerings. Just this last week, I scored only 1 summer jam of the 6 under consideration due to PepsiStuff availability issues. The download was the ColdPlay hit... but these sophisticated bands just give you their music now, right?

Bottom line? You’re better off soaking your Cheerios in Pepsi… maybe washing your hair with Pepsi… so you can rack up 60 for a vintage Pepsi Tee.

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No David "Cookie" Cook for you?

Slim pickings, indeed, from PepsiStuff.

I have to admit, though, I downloaded Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" 'cuz LRK thinks its catchy.
use live search club ( you earn points by playing games and can get 20 song downloads in a few days easy
Am I missing something here ?
a) After expanding the graphical MP3 player I clicked the "Browse more MP3s" and saw a reasonable selection of MP3s.
b) Pepsi stuff is a relatively good deal. Coke rewards is 43 pts for $1 Rhapsody credit (1 MP3) This is 4x 12 packs and 20 oz coke. Pepsistuff 1 $.99 MP3 is 5 pts (2x 12 packs and a 20oz). The way i figure, I'm drinking the stuff anyway I get a couple of songs, too.

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