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Long and Whining Road

From the cockpit of the Sport Wagon, or Swag for short...

If you go with the Edge, and you go with the Sync, tinted windows become nonelective. Solar-tinted side and windshield, Privacy Glass, Panoramic Vista Roof... do what's necessary to hide the fact you're talking to your car.

Living with our decisions: Poor email address acumen < Poor vanity plate acumen < Poor tattoo acumen

If I had known I would have been stuck behind this sticker blast of bands I never heard of, I would have dressed appropriately.

I'm not at all pleased with this 180, but I think the dudes riding their bikes in regular clothes look peculiar. A beanie, hoody and some jeans is the new, well, this.



Walk Like A Turkey

You know what Jordan, how 'bout you look ME in the eye and tell me the tag really says $185. Become legendary? Maybe. Become stone-broke? Yessir. Why do you think Sprewell's strapped for cash? He wanted to be like Mike. Hello XXIII's, bon-voyage yacht! And look at the cast of characters lining up to peddle Jumpman's: Jeter, T.O. 'Melo, Rip, Jesus Shuttlesworth... all veterans of the underbelly. But now The Tongue's got Joe Johnson hawking these? Oh well, it's not about the shoes, it's about what you do in them. Mainly, walk like a turkey.

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All-Star Saturday Quotebook*

"They just sent jump-shooting back 100 years."
-Reggie Miller, on the fact that 7-footers David Robinson and Tim Duncan (and much shorter Becky Hammond) claimed victory in the Shooting Stars competition

"That's cool."
-Me, in regards to the $50,000 winners' checks going to local organizations, rather than the players.

"Did you guys get a chance to see his (Daniel Gibson) shooting performance last night?"
-Kevin Harlan, to Charles and Kenny, who happened to be calling the Rookie/Sophomore Challenge Friday night for TNT

"Sager had plans?"
-Me, in response to Cheryl Miller's performance as on-court emcee, where sponsor executive's names were butchered regularly

"Rudy Gay should be asking YouTube for tips on getting into a defensive stance."
-Jeff Van Gundy, during Thursday night's TNT broadcast in response to Rudy Gay's YouTube video asking fans for dunk ideas

"They need to start playing him more, he's got too much time on his hands."
-Charles Barkley, after Gerald Green drug a ladder on the court again for his follow-up to the Birthday Cake

"He's a video game, not a real person!"
-Kenny Smith, after Dwight Howard's sick toss/jump/catch left/throw off backboard/catch right/throwdown

"That was fun."
-Me, realizing I never laughed so much during a dunk contest and only saw two as good or better

* This is asking a lot from my memory... so actual quotes may vary.

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The Skinless Pig

It's Valentine's Day, so naturally I'm thinking Webmail. SusCom Webmail in fact...

As disappointing as it is, I've still got a email account that I infrequently check online. With all the $$ tossed about in this article, you'd think the pig could give me some skins!

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Vincent Price: Still Ticklish

Well, after slamming the Grammys earlier this week for honoring the olds, I guess there's no excuse for me bumping my new Thriller 25 album like its 1983. I'm always a sucker for a remix (the Best Buy edition features 6) and it's never a bad idea to have a physical copy of the best-selling album of all time. It's impossible to grasp that 7 of the 9 tracks on Thriller were top 10 hits, having been released rapid-fire between November '82 ("The Girl Is Mine") through January '84 ("Thriller"). Plus, having the CD puts the lyrics to "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" at your fingertips... "You're a buffet/You're a vegetable"... he might win Grammys but he won't win Yo Mama!

The remix segment of the album is worthwhile. I think one production would have been suffice, but the Pea successfully breathed new life into "The Girl Is Mine" and totally revamped "PYT". "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008" features Akon and is okay, further carrying this one-note-pony's career-by-collaboration. I might like "Beat It 2008" better with a sidekick other than Fergie. Obviously, the do-over I was looking forward to the most was Kanye's mix of "Billie Jean", and he delivered his signature (pre-euro-synth) sound without compromising the original flow and feel of the song. The album closes with a so-so unreleased track and a quality house mix of the title track - "For no mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller." (Into maniacal laugh, in deep echo.)



The Grammy's: What We Missed

Since most of America was busy returning from their wives' grandmothers' house and tuning in to the Wizards/Suns late-night tilt during the Grammys airing, here's what we missed:
  • Rehab pays: With 5 trophys, Cra, I mean Winehouse cleaned up
  • The Gramophones? Ancient acts Hancock, Springsteen, Chaka, Gill and The Eagles win
  • The BBD goes to: They actually have a Best R&B/Rap Collabo cat?!?
  • Foreshadowing? Obama trumps Clinton
  • Man, I been waitin' all night now: The definitive Kanye performance on YouTube

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Diesel going Solar?

Since the morning drive goofys won't touch on anything outside of a courtroom, I thought I'd delve into the Shaq-to-the-Suns development. Whether or not this was a good move for PHX has been debated ad nauseam on this 411-Freeway over the last two days. I believe the following to be the most important things to consider:

#1 - The Suns have won a ton of ball games over the last 4 seasons and have nothing at all to show for it in the postseason. Just because this is an obvious point doesn't mean we should look past it. Something's got to change during the tournament, and Shaq Diesel, excuse me, Solar Shaq knows something about tournaments.

#2 - Shaq's sluggishness won't terminate the Suns fast break. I remember running 3-on-2 and 2-on-1 fast break drills during basketball tryouts (it's called "potential" coach Wildasin!) at SGHS, never 5-on-anything. You may remember a fast breaking Lakers team dubbed "Showtime" (112 ppg) featuring 40 year old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the middle. And the '90-'91 run-and-gun Nuggets (119 ppg!), although terrible, were not hampered by 7-0, 250 lbs. behemoth Blair Rasmussen, their 4th leading scorer.

#3 - Shaq won't play heavy minutes. This opens up opportunity for Boris Diaw to run in the Matrix Unloaded's place. The French Army Knife's only getting 28 minutes per this season, 7 less than his average 2 season's ago. Brian Skinner (14 mpg) is no doubt licking his chops as well.

Now, back to the redesign.

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The Colts, I Think

Super Bowl reactions? MJ dropped a real eye-opener while watching some post-game coverage. "Who does Eli's brother play for?" she asked with a straight face. Wwwwwwhat just happened?

I say good for Eli. I was pulling for him out of sympathy. Being a 5 fan, it's easy to spot when a QB is getting a raw deal from the hometown fans. Not to mention the Patriots' comeuppance has been long overdue.

But it's important to remember it was the Giants. Sure you pull for them in this one, but visions of Bender pacing through the living room during the game's closing moments were a bit over the top. And tales of tears for Elisha from various Instituters is well past the line.

At the end of the day though, to have made such investments into this season and the final, most thrilling chapter features an N.E. Heartbreak at the hands of Giants, all I hear are the words of an immortal: "for who, for what?"

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