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All-Star Saturday Quotebook*

"They just sent jump-shooting back 100 years."
-Reggie Miller, on the fact that 7-footers David Robinson and Tim Duncan (and much shorter Becky Hammond) claimed victory in the Shooting Stars competition

"That's cool."
-Me, in regards to the $50,000 winners' checks going to local organizations, rather than the players.

"Did you guys get a chance to see his (Daniel Gibson) shooting performance last night?"
-Kevin Harlan, to Charles and Kenny, who happened to be calling the Rookie/Sophomore Challenge Friday night for TNT

"Sager had plans?"
-Me, in response to Cheryl Miller's performance as on-court emcee, where sponsor executive's names were butchered regularly

"Rudy Gay should be asking YouTube for tips on getting into a defensive stance."
-Jeff Van Gundy, during Thursday night's TNT broadcast in response to Rudy Gay's YouTube video asking fans for dunk ideas

"They need to start playing him more, he's got too much time on his hands."
-Charles Barkley, after Gerald Green drug a ladder on the court again for his follow-up to the Birthday Cake

"He's a video game, not a real person!"
-Kenny Smith, after Dwight Howard's sick toss/jump/catch left/throw off backboard/catch right/throwdown

"That was fun."
-Me, realizing I never laughed so much during a dunk contest and only saw two as good or better

* This is asking a lot from my memory... so actual quotes may vary.

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