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The Colts, I Think

Super Bowl reactions? MJ dropped a real eye-opener while watching some post-game coverage. "Who does Eli's brother play for?" she asked with a straight face. Wwwwwwhat just happened?

I say good for Eli. I was pulling for him out of sympathy. Being a 5 fan, it's easy to spot when a QB is getting a raw deal from the hometown fans. Not to mention the Patriots' comeuppance has been long overdue.

But it's important to remember it was the Giants. Sure you pull for them in this one, but visions of Bender pacing through the living room during the game's closing moments were a bit over the top. And tales of tears for Elisha from various Instituters is well past the line.

At the end of the day though, to have made such investments into this season and the final, most thrilling chapter features an N.E. Heartbreak at the hands of Giants, all I hear are the words of an immortal: "for who, for what?"

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Over the top?? That was probably the biggest upset in Superbowl history. Yes, it was the Giants, but for a moment, it almost wasn't.

Who does Eli's brother play for?
Eli's brother?

Ricky. Right???
Actually, I think Eli's brother plays for that team in the DSRL.
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