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Do me a big Favrer

Ahhh yes, the Brett Favre song-and-dance has served well as NFL offseason drama. The story has really evolved into a satire of today’s sports coverage as even the worldwide leader seems to recognize that the constant analysis is silly. Most recently, the story has dinged the iron-man’s rep a bit as he’s resorted to launching insults at Packer brass. Oh I forgot, he shoots from the hip… rep remains fully intact.

But here’s the thing: I’m dead serious when I say, “Thank you Gunslinger, and please return as a Redskin.”

First, thanks for giving Ol’ #5 a year off from the ESPNapparazzi. Nothing about McNabbulous heading to the Windy City. Not a peep from Wilma. I bet you even forget the name of the guy Big Red took in round 2 last year.

Second, Washington is the perfect fit for Favre - suit him up in Burgundy and Old! The Birds were tied for last in the league in picks a season ago with 11. Coupling the addition of Asante Samuel to our secondary with the opportunity to face Favre twice a season (and assuming we can catch punts), we’d be going worst-to-first like Bob Cox and them. Could the Birds trade a player to the Pack on the Skins behalf? I got it…

Redskins get: Brett Favre
Packers get: LJ Smith
Eagles get: Complimentary National Zoo Passes

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Kevin Kolb!

I have to admit as a Packer fan it saddens me to see this. I wish he would have just made up his mind before the tearful goodbye.

Stay or Go but do not go then beg to come back. You are better than that Brett.

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