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That Gas Article

I've done a great job bringing up the subject of an MPG article I read recently (small-talk enthusiasts world-wide have confirmed: gas is the new humid), but a lousy job articulating the post's contents. So here goes...

First, the line graph:

Next, the math:
15 mpg = 660 gallons per 10,000 miles
20 mpg = 500 gallons per 10,000 miles
30 mpg = 330 gallons per 10,000 miles
45 mpg = 220 gallons per 10,000 miles
60 mpg = 160 gallons per 10,000 miles
And finally, the source:


Good thing you put the link in there otherwise I would have been lost.

My argument would be that MPG is more of a sales tactic than a tru rating of efficiency.

People equate MPG with $ per Mile when they are looking to buy a car.

Ever notice that most cars are around the 18 - 25 MPG? Where are all the 30+ MPG cars?

Also ever notice that the gas tank size is inversely perportional to the MPG? Smaller MPG = Larger tank. Yet most cars get around 300 miles per tank of gas!

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