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Everything that happened in the last 10 days...

December 9th: Scottie Pippen's jersey was retired and sent to the rafters during halftime of the Bulls/Lakers game. I watched the ceremony online the following day... kudos to Doug Collins for well-done videotaped congrats. Thumbs down to Phil "I remember the migraines against Detroit" Jackson and Michael "Scottie always had my back" Jordan for their sloppy live efforts, but it was cool that everyone showed up.

December 11th: I missed the Eagles game but it sounds like they gave the Giants all they could handle. In other NFL action, the Bengals' lackluster performance against the Browns ended my Fantasy Football season. (P.S. Don't Forget - The Eagles took Freddie Mitchell 10 picks before the Bengals took Chad Johnson in the 2001 NFL Draft.) So long FFL 2005, I won't miss you!

December 12th: State Fair Corn Dogs... I'll vouch for that.

December 14th: Goodtime Ice is off to another great start against Upper Echelon in the Blades Of Steel Fantasy Hockey League. Could I have possibly assembled the most dominant fantasy hockey team ever? Furthermore, is there anything less impressive than assembling the most dominant fantasy hockey team ever?

December 15th: Randal's 180 in the final hour of The Apprentice not only jilted Rebecca, but the entire 4th season of the show. Trump wanted to hire them both... since when does Trump not do what Trump wants to do? Oh yeah, that's right, he had good reason... it's The Apprentice, not The Apprenti!

December 16th: Sign me up for The Colbert Report's "The Campaign Against Humbuggery: The War on Holiday". Its time to take a stand, and stop dragging "Holiday" through the mud.

December 17th: Whitey drops 53 points in 40 minutes in our final church league game of 2005. We were shorthanded and had to go with 4 players against 5, but the Energizer bunny just kept plugging away and lighting up the scoreboard. If I would have glanced at that very scoreboard once in awhile, we might have won the game... but that's a different story.

December 18th: Birds Win! Birds Win! Once again I missed the game, but it was nice to hear that the Eagles triumphed in a rematch of the 2001 NFC Championship game. RB Ryan Moats had the highlight run, but you still have to consider that he gained 19 yards total on his 11 other carries. In other NFL news, says here that "Rex Grossman's rescue effort elevated him back to starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears". Hmmm... Rex entered the game with a 6-3 Chicago lead and the Bears won 16-3. Nice work, uhhh, Rex?

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Stop the playa hatin' on Moats! Looks like my preseason prediction (Moats more TDs than Sproles and Arrington combined) will come to fruition.

Also, the Bears O wasn't doing anything until Rex came in. Enter sexy Rexxy, and the Bears march down field for a touchdown and pretty much end the game against the fraudulant Vicks. Also, Rex has swagger.

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