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Week 12 Weigh-In

One thing's for sure... as bad as things seem for the Philadelphia Eagles, things are a great deal worse for former NFC standout Green Bay Packers. The Pack proved to be just the opponent the Eagles needed to break out of their 4-game losing funk. Once again, Brett Favre got it done during crunchtime, finding Eagles "receivers" twice on the final drive during last Sunday's 19-14 Philadelphia win. (Says here that Favre likes black jersey's too.)

The win makes for an interesting Monday Night Football match-up against the NFC-leading Seattle Seahawks. If the Eagles can find a way to win at home tonight, they would keep their slimmer-than-Pinkston playoff hopes alive. A 6-6 record would mean that the Eagles would be only one game behind many of the top wild card contenders, including Dallas, Minnesota and Atlanta. If these teams, and/or the Giants falter down the stretch, the Birds might still be alive.

After tonight's game, the Eagles face only one more team with a winning record - the Giants. If Philly runs the table and Dallas wins only 2 more games and NY wins only 1 more game, the Eagles would win the NFC East. Unlikely? Probably. But anything can happen.

Remaining schedules after tonight's Eagles/Seahawks matchup...
Eagles: vs. Giants, at Rams, at Cardinals, vs. Redskins
Cowboys: vs. Chiefs, at Redskins, at Panthers, vs. Rams
Giants: at Eagles, vs. Chiefs, at Redskins, at Raiders


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