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Week 13 Weigh-In

Oh the Green Bay Coaching Tree!!! The most painful side-effect of last night's horrible loss to the Seahawks wasn't the 3 turnovers returned for touchdowns. It wasn't the fact that the nearly non-existent Eagles playoff hopes were slashed. It wasn't even Koy Detmer's lack of pocket presence.

No, it was the multiple means by which the MNF crew presented the Green Bay Coaching Tree. First they told us about it as an "oh by the way" kind of thing. Then they broke out the '92 staff photo where Dick Jauron is not looking at the camera. (Didn't notice that on the initial shot, don't worry, we'll scale up his headshot and put it in a call-out box.)

The beat goes on... the next step was some game footage from a Packer sideline where Andy Reid assumed responsibility for a Brett Favre mistake. Apparently he made those when he was young. Finally, the graphics team got in on the act by creating an actual family tree style layout of the coaches. If think if you went to, that would be the sitemap page.

Anyway, back to the game.

The good: The offensive line seemed to do a pretty good job. Not many great running lanes, but they gave most plays a chance and the Eagles did sustain some drives early.

The bad: Mike McMahon had a tough game, throwing one pick due to a poor, effortless route, and one by staring down his receiver. I thought he got a quick hook though. Koy Detmer just doesn't appear to have a lot going for him at the QB spot. I can't imagine Reid giving Koy the nod next week.

The ugly: Many Philly players seemed to have been exposed last night. WR Greg Lewis was called out by John Madden and didn't really do anything right. RB Ryan Moats didn't break a tackle all night long. The linebackers couldn't cover the TE when the game still mattered, and Jeremiah Trotter made 2 critical end zone mistakes on the Seahawks first score. Heck, even the old punter Sean Landeta looked like he was kicking bricks out there.

By the way, is available. Hmmm...


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