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Rose Radio Freestyle #3

What's that Shannon? Let The Music Play? Like I have a ch... wait! My office mate is moving to her own office (with radio) and a new hire will be moving in. Suddenly, the relationship I've forged with adult contemporary is on the rocks. This could get messy...

First of all, Rose, why do Alicia Keys and Corinne Bailey Rae still only have one song each in rotation? Keys couldn't even drive when "Falling" came out. "No One" is the joint. "Trouble Sleeping" ditto. They're not Business Radio enough for you?

Now don't even try to recapture my soul with Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up." It was better the first time when Aaliyah featuring Slick Rick sang it!

Anymore, It's like I don't even know you... Thousand Dollar Thursday winners struck it rich in the AM and PM this week?

How could you? I thought I told you I only want new stuff from Enrique Iglesias that includes sound effects from a game room. The Ping Pong Song was pop at its finest, and the best use of table-game audio since Blackstreet's "Good Life" dropped in a billiards break. But you passed over the table tennis track, instead serving this "Somebody's Me" mush.

Speaking of mush, there's Meatloaf that can be sliced and served with onions and barbecue sauce that unsettles MJ. And then there's Meatloaf that attempts to recreate entire hokey, down at the dixie high school musicals in four minutes and some seconds that unsettles myself. "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is pure torture.

This split is getting ugly, and the Rose knows it... Tracey Chapman followed immediately by Corey Hart. Wow, a whole 4-song catalog between them. You know what? We're through.

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A-Keys puts too much soul into "No One" for adult contemp.

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