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Giants 16, Eagles 3

When Michael Strahan opened the telecast of this game by declaring "Eagles/Giants is like Nascar," I would have been better off to have taken his nonsensical analogy literally and done what I usually do if I see Nascar on TV... turn the channel. What a disaster.

But let's get to the fun... Winston Justice headline writing. My guess was that's Eagles section would have featured a cornucopia of "Justice" headlines, but only see "You call this Justice?" How about:
  • Justice got served
  • Criminal Justice
  • Opening the doors of Justice
  • Osi smokes Winston
  • With Justice, no peace for Ol' #5
What'd'ya got?

Taking Inventory
  • Giants sack total versus Eagles, week 4: 12
  • Reggie Brown's receiving yards per game: 20
  • Philly's record wearing midnight green protective gear, year-to-date: 0-3
  • Times I saw my dad in a crowd pan at Memorial Stadium's final game while flipping to Orioles Classics on MASN during an Eagles/Giants timeout: 1 (well, 5 counting DVR rewinds)
  • Fantasy record: 15-9
  • Office Pick'em: 39-23 (6th place)
Recap Rewind: '05 | '06


How about:

Out of Justice's League
Liberty and Justice for Osi
Osi D.A.N.C.E.'s All Over Winston (a play on the dance/pop Justice song)
Justice was served!

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