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Week 4 Weigh-In

Despite Troy Aikman's numerous replays of missed opportunities for "wide open" touchdowns, the Eagles were able to muster 24 consecutive points during an exciting comeback victory over the Chiefs. Seriously Aikman, I've never seen so many "if Donovan McNabb would've been looking down the field, the Eagles would have had a sure touchdown" replays in my life.

Anyway, the defense locked things down after a poor first quarter and gave the offense time to get into a groove. A few timely turnovers really helped the Birds comeback happen pretty easily. The Larry Johnson fumble was the biggest play of the game - it seemed like the Chiefs offense self-destructed following that letdown.

So here we are - 25% of the way through the season meaning the Eagles are on pace to win 12 games. They're going to have to pick it up a bit, because 12 victories doesn't guarantee you a division title. Since 1990, 10 teams have finished in 2nd place in their division with 12 wins. But did you know, the first team to win 12 games and not win their division was the 1980 Dallas Cowboys? They finished 2nd to the Super Bowl bound Eagles. That stat's for you, Aikman!


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