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Eagles 31, Packers 9

Can 31 points be boring and uninspiring?


When 12 of those are scored by Greg Lewis, yes.
I second emcee b's statement.

Also, when you only score 7 points in the first half against the Pack's wack defense.

And when Suckhalter coughs up two fumbles in the red zone in said first half.

And when Brett Favre isn't doing squat, but the crew still has to slurp on his gunslingeressness.
I thought the announcing team was horrible last night, and the mention of "gunslingeressness" reminded me of when Theisman tried to breakdown gunslingers like there are finite rules to being one. That was dopey. Obviously gunslingers cannot be analyzed in the same light as a "pocket passer" or "possession receiver", it is a frame of mind, or more frequently a frame of lack of mind. Anyway, thumbs down to a low-energy (Kornheiser) broadcast littered with poor QB analysis (Theisman) and too many "I beg your pardon's" (Tirico).
From someone who attended the game. 1st Half Boooring! 2nd half not fun for Packers fans! Whya re Eagles fans so fickle? McNabb sucks. Then after he runs for his second TD. McNabb is the best!!!
Chuck - I hope you are talking about Eagles fans, in general. Otherwise I'll have to quote Tirico and say, "I beg your pardon?"

I have always been a fan of ol' #5. Brett can vouch. I even featured him on an NFL Network cross channel tag back in the SMC days.
I am referring to the fans who attended the game Monday night. I do have to say that the seats are comfortable and the view was great even from the 21st row in the second level!

I think cheesesteaks make people stupid. Every Philly fan I know and talk Birds with assess Donovan similarly... he's one of the top 3 QBs in the game and we love to root for him. Colbert named his dog after him. Smitty named his child after him. Todd jeopardizes work-reviews to honor him.

But when you get inside the city limits, he universally becomes a whipping boy. The only thing those fools argue about is whether the Iggles should be playing Jeff Garcia or AJ Feeley at QB.

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