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Gloria Gaynor wants us to know very badly that she will survive. She's fairly non-descript on post-survival life. For all we know, her strategy backfired.

Who is this Tears For Fears and their "Everybody Wants To Rule The World?" Uhh yeah, it was better the first time when it was called "Rule" and Nas featuring Amerie sang it.

Save for Summertime by JJ+FP on Flashback Fridays, the Monster Mash is the closest thing to rap the Rose is going to drop. This haunting tale only serves as a reminder that real holiday music is merely weeks away.

Patch knows a relentless business radio blitz for their staple Buzzword is the key to owning family fun night. You want a piece of Saturday night Milton Bradley, you pony up to the Rose.

After reading the speculation in this article, the brilliance of Pootie Tang's musicianship is even more evident. Sa-da-tay!

You know what Duncan Shiek? Asthma's not to be taken lightly. How about we get your uncle Iron to put you in the Camel Clutch? Then you'll know what "Barely Breathing" really is, one-hitter.

If today's copyright rules applied in '79, do you really think Chic greenlight's sampling of "Good Times" for an anecdote about a friend's mom's bad cookin'? (Recounting... I understand about the food baby-bubba but we're still friends.) Maybe so.

Don't call it a comeback! Revivals by The Eagles and REO Speedwagon are instant classics. Hard to find new releases with vibes like these.


Since Nas sampled TfF's "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" in "Rule" it is fairly obvious that Tears for Fears was first.

Just wait until it goes Christmas 24/7! ...Should be any day now.

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