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My Man Oates

On the way back from the Hall & Oates concert last night, everyone was wondering how John Oates manages to squeeze his moniker into the name of the greatest rock duo ever. Shouldn't it just be Hall, the greatest rock solo ever?

Not so fast. From Behind The Music, The Daryl Hall and John Oates Collection:
Hall & Oates' partnership flourishes in spite - or perhaps because - of the differences between them. "I'm a strong starter and John's a strong finisher," Hall explained to Behind The Music. "He's very meticulous, I'm conceptual. I see the big picture, he sees the details. I'm an optimist, I think he's basically a pessimist." Or as John Oates told the show, "We didn't have a lot in common on the personal side. Other than music."
Concert highlights:
  • Opening song: Maneater
  • MJ exploded when they played her fave Rich Girl, which was H&O's 1st #1 in 1977
  • I liked the 3 song sequence of She's Gone, Sara Smile and I Can't Go For That
  • Says here opening act Todd Rundgren (find Hello It's Me remix on iTunes) produced H&O's early albums
  • Concert closes with cover of Love Train

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