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Eagles 38, Cowboys 24

Birds average 3 plays per scoring drive.


is that a good thing?

way to go birds.

hypothetical question...would it have made more sense for the DB to take a knee on the 102 yard return? just something i thought of when i heard it on the radio.
No Lito Shepard had the Eagles Defense in his fantasy league.
I think 30+ ppg is a good thing no matter how you slice it. With a handful of key injuries on D limiting depth, there is always a T.O.P. concern. The poor 3rd down conversion concern is there too, but the big-play offense should help to improve that in the coming weeks as defenses change their gameplan again the Beagles. I don't think you take a knee, ever, in that situation. Remember Donovan's out to Roy Williams last year?

Here's what Reid thinks of the Big-Play O:
Take a knee? No way. Lito was correct in dashing off for a quick six, thus rubbing some badly needed additional salt in those wounds.

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