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2007 World Series Preview

Remember how exciting "bread sticks, bread sticks" was at Sovereign Bank Stadium last summer? Well, every World Series base-runner (or at least those without a base-runner in front of them) brings with him the potential to steal you a taco, just as the opposing #2 hitter had the potential to wiff you free pizza crust against the Revs.

These really are the only numbers worth considering heading into Rox/Sox best-of-7:
Willy Taveras - 33 SB
Kazuo Matsui - 32 SB
Matt Holliday - 11 SB

Red Sox
Julio Lugo - 33 SB
Coco Crisp - 28 SB
Jacoby Ellsbury - 9 SB
So who's going to be this year's W.S. hero? Yo quiero Taco Bell!


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