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Straw Man

Speech quirks are generally cool. But when an individual's quirkiness spreads like wildfire and becomes common lingo within a greater body politic, it's time to squash the quirk.

Case in point, IT's love affair with "straw man," their VP/Chief Officer's vocal treasure. Considering it's intention to foster discussion and argument, straw man's often an appropriate phrase choice. But now everything is a straw man: a list of meeting attendees; a staff brainstorming session; a working copy of a site's navigational tree.

My underlying problem with this newfound lexicon is that I used to draw Straw Man. My illustrations of a pin-striped, overbiting ol' #18 were seemingly well received... "nice Straw Man." Did they like my Strawberry or were they looking to start an argument? Were my depictions of an unorthodox leg-kick perceived merely as a flawed, unpolished first attempt? I don't know... I'm just throwing it out there... as a straw man.

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Not trying to be a straw man, but that sounds pretty annoying.

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