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It was mentioned during this morning's meeting that San Diego Golf Academy is considered our primary competition in the Golf Course Management market. So I thought I'd check out their site, and Googled them by company name. Obviously, they were right there near the top on the results page, but the same URL appeared as a sponsored link. I spared them a buck and clicked on the standard listing, but a negative keyword addition to their AdWords campaign would remove the possibility of having to pay for a click they would have gotten anyway. Could there be a benefit that I'm overlooking?


How do you get Travis to actually click on a blog title displayed on his start page via RSS? I'm sure something like "Panther Football", "Ricky Gervais", or "Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits" would induce a click. I call them FloodWords. I'm also guessing "AdWords" is a FloodWord.

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I usually try to go with post titles that he would have no idea what they mean or things that would spur his interest.

For "no idea" titles - usually something concerning the urban vernacular.

For "spur his interest" - you are correct with Pitt and Gervais, but also Penn State, The Office, 24, some movies...

Titles concerning tech gadgets would probably also get his attention.
Another thought...

San Diego v. York, PA in terms of where to spend some time learning about managing golf courses? Hmmm...

I would say the Institute has some work to do.
Obviously you've never played Little Creek.

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