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Everything everyone needs to know about my new job at The Institute...
  • Gotta like the title - Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Mary J Blige would appreciate my extension - 411
  • Having a trash can is extremely convenient
  • CampusPortal could save me from a lot of "I can check with a programmer on that."
  • This monitor is huge


Is the IMS title preferrable to Web Designer or Webmaster?

Ugh - Mary J. Blige.

Hey, I actually heard a Fantasia song on the radio yesterday - actually it was a duet. And it was bad.
Good to hear you are getting situated. Do you have any 'Office' characters at YTI?

I enjoyed me some NBA last night. What is your best personal email (hotmail or something else)?
I may be out there to join you soon. I interviewed last week to teach some IT courses part time.
i have 2 trash cans!
Title rankings:
1) Web Designer
2) Internet Marketing Specialist
3) Webmaster

MJB's What's the 411? will only be found in the "Classics" rack at your record shop... deal with it!

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