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... it's more than a coat factory. In fact, their current throwbacks rack may very well be the most impressive offering in department store history. As I browsed the rack last weekend, I saw:

Lafayette Lever College Jersey
This makes Burlington the #1 jersey source for all Fat Lever fans. I can't imagine that there are any, but a quick look at his career stats and there probably should be - how about his '88/'89 season of 20, 9 & 8?

Fennis Dembo College Jersey
Yes, the same Fennis Dembo that graced a Sports Illustrated cover in the late 80's. That really was his only claim to fame. Unless a Burlington shopper is 6'5", 280+ lbs and has been transplanted from Wyoming to Pennsylvania, this jersey won't leave the rack.

70's Era Julius Erving Sixers Jersey
Probably the greatest jersey on the rack, this style Sixers jersey just looks good. And Doctor J was at his finest in the 70s. They had a ton of these, so there might actually be some normal Med-XL sizes available.

80's Era Moses Malone Sixers Jersey
Moses' arrival to the Sixers in '83 translated into an NBA Championship, the last pro sports championship Philadelphia has won. He only spent 4 years in Philly, but the Burlington throwback rack is about quality, not quantity.

Reebok Throwback Eagles Jerseys - Randall Cunningham and Ron Jaworski
Not that either player ever wore jerseys like these in a game, but they are some cool looking throwbacks. Ol' #12 was more from my era of fandom, so I've always held him a notch or 2 above Jaws. But if you compare these 2 Bird QB's stats, the primes of their careers are strikingly similar. They both had equal numbers of seasons ranked in the NFL's top 10 in Pass Attempts (5), Passing Yards (5), and Passing Touchdowns (6).

Nice work Burlington Coat Factory!

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