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The King and I

Peter King said (on page 7 of this week's Monday Morning QB):
h. You can always count on Aaron Brooks for a minus-two touchdown-to-interception ratio in a meaningless game. Or a meaningful one, for that matter, though he hasn't played in one of those in years.
Being a quasi Aaron Brooks apologist, I threw this comment into his Mailbag:
Nice try Mr. King. I'm no Aaron Brooks apologist, but check out these touchdown-to-interception ratios: Aikman 1.17; Moon 1.24; Elway 1.32; Kelly 1.35; AARON BROOKS 1.40.
This next sentence was going to link to the reprint of that mind-blowing nugget in today's Monday Morning QB Tuesday Edition. But I am shocked, shocked!, to see that King (unranked, by the way) ducked my call-out of his call-out. And I'm sure the Aaron Brooks photo choice on page 2 is a not so coy call-out of my call-out of his call-out.

Anyway, Donovan's is 2.11. Try to remember that when ol' #5 gets back on the field (sometime in the middle of 2010?) and Aikman is in the booth questioning his decision-making.

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