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Everybody Hates the Gout

That includes David Wells. The San Diego Padres pitcher missed a start last night with Chris Rock's favorite disease. Catch episode 15 of Everybody Hates Chris for an excellent Gout infomercial. Also, DVR the season premier of Chris this Sunday. Attn The CW: That 7:00 start-time is, well, risky.

As for the Padres, their win without Boomer Wells helped to create what is becoming a 3-race final week in the NL. St. Louis' Central lead is down to 2.5 over the surging Houston Astros, San Diego holds a 2 game lead over LA in the West, and those Dodgers are even with the Phils for the Wild-Card berth. Remember, should a West division team win the WC, they'll face the Metropolitans in the post-season's first round. Should the Phils fight to win the 4th seed, they will not square off against the Mets since they're in the same division. I'm rooting for Mets/Padres, Cardinals/Phillies match-ups.

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A 7:00 PM Sunday start time? Not exactly a big vote of confidence by ol' The CW.
Not good news on the Chris front. From Lisa de Moraes' TV Column:

"At 7 p.m. the return of "Everybody Hates Chris," with guest star Whoopi Goldberg, suffered its smallest audience ever for an original episode -- 2.4 million viewers, according to early stats. That's off nearly 70 percent compared with the crowd who tuned in to its premiere last season on the defunct UPN network."
I DVR'd both channels 13 and 506, so make that 2,399,399 viewers. Thankfully the audio matched the video on 506 and I could enjoy the season premier in HD. There's not a better family sitcom out there, so hopefully its just the time-slot issue.

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