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AI5: Crystal Ball

Now that American Idol has whittled their contestant pool down to 24, it's time to break out the crystal ball. I'm pushing the limits of my AI prognostication powers by making these picks early, but I'm feeling connected to this group. I think I've got a handle on season 5.

But before the picks, I've got to highlight a few developing situations:

1) One of my favorites has been Taylor Hicks. Seems like an acquired taste so I don't expect him to go too far. Hopefully, I'm surprised.

2) Another crooner has been drug into this thing. I couldn't stand John Stevens 2 seasons ago. How could they do this to us again with David Radford? What if someone like this wins? How can they make a CD? Last time I checked no one has a Dean Martin CD.

3) It was good to see the Brittnam twins removed. But did they really have to show the local news story on their arrests, complete with mug shots and all, on the most watched TV show in the world?

Now the picks:
  • Chris Daughtry will win
  • Ace Young and Paris Bennett will be in the top 5
  • Lisa Tucker, Gedeon McKinney and Kellie Pickler will be in the top 9

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Some nice picks. It's really early to be calling this since we haven't heard them really sing yet, but here is my pre season picks.:

Top 5- Ace Young
Brenna Gethers
Chris Daughtry
Becky O'Donahue
Katherine McPhee

Worst singer: Kevin Covais why is this guy here?

2 to watch- Stevie Swift
Patrick Hall

A personal favorite: I like Sway, but I am sure he will be voted out early, much like Charles Grigsby from season 2.

Your American Idol 5 is: Ace Young
Here are my picks:
Top 5:
Ace Young
Paris Bennett
Kellie Pickler
Chris Daughtry
Elliot Yamin

Sentimental Favorite:
Taylor Hicks

First to get kicked, not voted, off:
Bucky Convington

Most Annoying:
Brenna Gethers

Americna Idol 5:
Chris Daughtry
Well, I like Paris, Lisa, Taylor and Elliot (sort of) they have no shot.

I don't like Pickler and Daughtry, so they will probably be the final 2.

I'm undecided on Ace and Brenna. I sort of like Brenna, though.

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