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The General and the Radio

The General

First off, the real "General" is Sherman Douglas. No one ran Jim Boeheim's show quite like Sherm, and Douglas enjoyed a nice little 12-year NBA career. Nevertheless...

Did you see Bobby Knight punch that kid? Look at that balled up fist in the picture! How can this be referred to as "raising a chin", "flipping up a chin" or "a quick lift?" He punched him! But let's not get technical, Bobby was just helping the kid be a more confident player. Hey, I agree the kid is now oozing with something, but it ain't confidence!

The Radio

The honeymoon's over between me and that Warm 103. At 11:00 AM today, they flipped the switch. Contemporary adults no longer want to hear "Unwritten" or "that McPhee song that no one knows the actual title to or artist of" 5 times a work-day, they want to hear Christmas music and Christmas music only. Not only are these songs so 6 months ago, they're so 10:59 AM this morning ago too.

Let's check the math: Today's November 15th and Warm claims they will play these cover-bands non-stop through the season, which is probably January 1st. That totals 48 days, which means I'll be wished a Merry Christmas in so many ways roughly 13% of the year.

Maybe they need some help understanding how inharmonious this proportion is... whose chin needs raised?

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As usual, blame ESPN.

Regarding WARM, I feel for you, man. Can't you just get a moratorium on radios? What about the SnyPod? That's just inhumane.

I'm happy to report that I don't even share an office anymore. We canned her last Thursday. I'll share again, once the intern returns over Christmas Break, but that's no biggie at all.
Nice Sherman Douglas reset, btw. He was the man!
Baa Humbug!

I'll think about you while I listen to Mike & Mike in the Morning!
I'm feeling your pain with the Warm 103 thing. At my previous job I complained about Warm 103 so much, especially when I could tell what time it was in the day by the songs that were on. You could always count on Rod Stewart's "Where having a party" at 3:30 on Friday. And Santana's smooth at 10:00 AM. There are others that I don't remember of hand..oh wait yes there's one more. It was the Pina Colada song, that was just after lunch every day. I also remember saying that Warm 103 ruined the Christmas season for me for 3 years by their playing Christmans music starting in November. Everyone I told that to told me I was crazy..but I feel your pain.

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