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Getting Warm

Since moving to a new shared office environment, Warm 103 has become part of my work-day. As usual, my thoughts are random:

Ads in heavy rotation
  • The Phil Avillo spot didn't work for the state as much as it worked for me. PA didn't send in a marine.
  • The Wawa "wah" pedal thing drives me nuts.
  • Sounds like the York Revolution hired the Piston's PA guy to do some voice-work on their ad.
DJ Mix
  • West is back in the mornings, Garder takes you from AM to PM and Sten is now on 106.7.
  • I think Melanie's playlist is decent - she throws in some good 80's stuff.
  • This jury's still out on the afternoon guy.
The Tunes
  • It's funny how these Soft Rock stations frequently mix in songs that were on trendier pop stations a year ago... why not just play these kinds of songs when they come out?
  • Occasionally they drop a slogan that goes something like "From John Mayer to Phil Collins to Rod Stewart"... thanks for the variety?
  • And they're not kidding about Phil Collins - I think I might have to start a spreadsheet on him.
  • The Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet is still a station fave. Strangely enough, "cocaine" is not edited out. I guess Contemporary Adults won't go crazy if they hear the word.
  • For some reason, Tracy Chapman is averaging 1.5 spins a work-day.
  • Keep that Ambrosia coming!
Today's Trivia
  • I'm not terribly proud of this, but I nailed the lunchtime trivia question today. The answer? MacDonald Carey.

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Ugh, I absolutely hate the Wawa pedal!

Writing from a shared office, I feel your pain. Thankfully, I crushed any plans my officemate had of listening to the radio. If I wanted, I'd have her oldiness listening to Power 99 all afternoon.
This is the quality content I expect to see on your blog. I get very disappointed when I check and its all NBA rubbish...
I moved away from a shared office where a neighbor listened to WARM103. Now that I have my own office I get to listen to Sports Talk Radio until 3PM every day!!

Though it has not helped my fantasy team.
I actually don't mind listening... it seems to make the day move along quicker. I hope Chuck gets to keep the Sports Radio station on even after Don and Mike takeover. Their interview with the Car Dealer in the Borat movie was pretty good last night.

What a nice surprise to hear from Witt... figures it took a radio-related entry!

Also, sorry for the Tracy Chapman link... it was supposed to go to an In Living Color clip.
One additional point: This is the second Friday in a row that MG played Manic Monday. You don't play Jingle Bells in July and you don't play Manic Monday on Friday.

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