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Your 2006 Blah, Blah, Blog Awards Show

As voted by me (unless otherwise noted)...


Most electrifying superstar
: Gilbert Arenas
In one week Agent Zero went for 60 and 54 and the Wiz stopped Phoenix and Dallas winning streaks. All-star game appearances, postseason victories, sneaker deals, personal blogs... Keep Shootin' Gilbert!

Best rookie: Omar Gaither
Once again an Eagles 5th round draft choice is making a splash on the defensive side of the ball. Some feel the insertion of Gaither and Considine into the defensive lineup may be just as important to the Eagles turnaround as the play of Jeff Garcia.

Most inconspicuous by his absence: Joey Devine
He has yet to intervene for the Braves. It looks like he may never excel in the closer role as expected after ATL extended Bob Wickman's contract in the offseason.

Most unlikely adversary: Matt Bryant
Seriously? A game-winning 62 yard field goal with zero ticks left on the clock?

Most dominant fantasy team: FloodGates
A superb wire-to-wire effort by the Gates was capped off with a 1st place trophy in the Lounge Certified playoffs. Ray Allen, Elton Brand and Kevin Garnett led the way.


Most unlikely show to get hooked on: Wheel of Fortune
Wheel has become appointment viewing at our place. We've got Wheel Watcher Spin ID's and everything.

Best commercial: Candy Man*
* As voted by MJ. Everybody loves Chocolate, or at least their ads.

Greatest performance in a television series: Pablo**
** As voted by Mallory. This little Penguin's got the whole world in his yard to explore.

Best album: Once Again, John Legend
Consistent, quality R&B album featuring a nice retro sound. No guest verses. No "singin' over rap beats". John Legend's the real-deal... unfortunately you won't hear him on your radio.


Best use of the "urban vernacular": Todd's Blog of Tricks
Most likely to talk more business than EPMD: Witt Blog
Best comment-to-post ratio: Rant Rave and Blog
Best use of photoshop in a weekly feature: I Must Be Adopted
Most like a box of chocolates: Strousenet Blog


I would like to contest the best commercial and vote for any commercial with Payton Manning. I am not a fan of Indy but this guy has a future after football. He is funny! "Can you sign my melon to my brother Eli he loves you!" And the latest ESPN commercial with him and Eli walking down the hall picking on each other. I totally buy it!

Lastly I would like to thank the BLAH BLAH Blogger for the prestigious award. We vow to keep it interesting in 2007!
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My best commercial vote would go to either:

1) The budweiser commercial with the young colts (real colts), kicking snowballs at the full size Clydesdales, and then getting there comeupance in the end.


2) The Sierra Mist Holiday Hawk. Come on... They have the hawk's mouth moving in sync with "Jingle Bells"!

As for the award... Thank You. It means the world to me. I'll treasure it always.
Thanks for the award. I do my best to keep it real.

I'm okay with MJ's pick, but I may have mentioned the Apple "mac/PC" ads.
I heard gilbert refer to himself as the Hibachi last week against the Suns. It was great!

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