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The Callout!

Just to let you fantasy players know that BSnyde30's keeping tabs...

Ed Peabody
That does look like a mixture of old Kochansky/new Kochansky... too bad your old high school hoops game didn't translate into your new fantasy hoops game.

Real nostalgic player card Bender... does the 6% hoops lead I'm holding over you look any better in sepia tone?

Ordinary player card, ordinary hockey team.

Can you believe Flood came off the fence a grand total of 6 times in the past? 53% Overall Performance makes TFloodSo-So. Dude, just stay on the fence.

Your teams are as non-descript as your player card. Under 40% in anything involving a lineup.

More gray people... Until the Backyard Ballers do something in the Keystone Ball and Stick, DoubleBatterWiffleSack trophies are Skunk Awards to me.

Trout 8_5
Dog Kauffman - you do not look like that! Quantity does not equal quality.


32% in baseball leagues? Since your the father of constant name-changes, how about a new Yahoo! ID? UR_Jeltz1985.

Notes about Yahoo! leagues:
  • I've got serious work to do on my football score. I hate their default scoring system, and I always seem to miss the drafts, but 58% is not satisfactory. Maybe Whitey's 12 team, 2 defense league will help me start to turn the tide.

  • Also, Merrifield's Triples saved me even more embarassment in that SusCom Bombers league. Of course Triples was a category.

  • Maybe the greatest Yahoo! league of all was that testy String Bean Basketball II league. Back-alley deals, knucklehead posts, Shakes/Splits. Plus some of the best fantasy team names: Majestic Mapp (how's Scientific doing these days?), Tiny Archibaldings, Tired Pool Boys. Oh yeah, and it was the last time I won a league.

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Please keep in mind my PfP FFL Championship on ESPN. I know I do...

Bring on SBB...III.
Surprisingly the sepia tone does not make that look any better. I thought everything looked better in sepia.

SBB II sucked..if only I had gotten Garnett. Or LEEBron for that matter.
Maybe I if I don't forget about the draft next year, I can give you a little more than my skunk awards.

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