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Li'l Crick

Memorial Day became a great opportunity to hit famed Little Creek Golf Course. Here's the lowdown:

The good - Don't let the clunky, rusty appearance fool you, tack on the $1.25 pull-cart rental fee every time and you'll play an extremely leisure round of golf.
The bad - Most courses have sand traps next to the greens, but Li'l Crick figures sand on the putting surface would be a greater challenge. I have to agree with them.
The ugly - Pop cannot be purchased in the clubhouse or on the course for less than $1. Taking a water bottle is essential.

SportsCenter highlight - Mark out-driving the green on the 93 yard, par 3 16th. He teed off with his putter.

My final tally - 0 birdies, 4 pars, 8 bogeys; final score 80 (21 over par). I consider zero scores higher than 6 to be my greatest achievement of the outing.


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