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The current state of the Little League World Series has deservedly faced plenty of criticism the last few years on the web, but this brief paragraph hits the nail on the head as well as any (from Deadspin):
I've always found ESPN's obsession with the Little League World Series pretty self serving. They are, after all, making money off the backs of 12-year-olds. I have nothing against Little League -- I once coached it -- but I have no clue as to why anyone other than coaches or parents would want to watch it. It's actually pretty boring; the umpiring is usually terrible and the parents are nuts. And the best players are mostly the ones who've hit puberty first, and watching a six-foot teenager hit popups that go for home runs over a 200-foot fence isn't my idea of compelling viewing.
But I'm not entirely anti-Little League. The Nintendo game was pretty awesome. With an unmatched combination of speed and power, my Mexico team couldn't be beat:


I believe Orel or Dusty or maybe Brent mentioned that LL moved the fences back 20-25 feet this year. So Mr. Deadspin is a little off in his measurements.

Still, his point is very valid.

I preferred APBA, MicroLeague Baseball (on PC) and Baseball Simulator 3000 growing up.

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