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FFL'07: The Ultimate Weapon

My second fantasy football team of the season was assembled earlier this week. After paying homage to McNabbulous with my first team's name, I thought I'd sport a throwback this time around with The Ultimate Weapon.

Whitey's league is a 12-teamer, and I wasn't too happy to find myself jammed in the 12-hole upon entering the draft room. My mood improved about a half-hour later as Joseph Addai fell to me in that precarious position. I followed up with Lawrence Maroney and I felt like my 1-2 RB punch could be as good as anyone's. T.O. then fell in my lap in round 3 and I was confident that there would be at least 3 picks that I didn't screw up. What happened after that, not pretty (but it is a 12-team league):

QB: Tony Romo (7-84), Jay Cutler (8-85), Jake Delhomme (13-156)
RB: Joseph Addai (1-12), Lawrence Maroney (2-13), Cadillac Williams (5-60), Jerious Norwood (6-61), Brandon Jackson (12-133)
WR: Terrell Owens (3-36), TJ Houshmandzadeh (4-37), Vincent Jackson (9-108), Greg Jennings (10-110)
TE: Daniel Graham (14-157)
K: Mike Nugent (15-180) Mr. Irrelevant
DEF: Cincinnati (11-132)

Considering this league starts 3 WRs and a Flex player, I think it might be wise to cut Delhomme and add to my meat and potatoes. I don't have an Eagle... maybe bring in Hank Baskett?


How about my man Brent Celek?

LJ who???
If you're going to start Norwood over Cadillac, why didn't you select Jerious first? I'm curious about your Jerious decision.
They were back to back picks, so I wouldn't rank them too far apart. Right now, I'm a bit more unsettled on what the Cadillac will bring to the table.

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