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I posted this originally on my fantasy baseball league's message board but wanted to include it on Blah, Blah for posterity. Whether Jason Jenning’s mound mastery leads to the Stros tumble to the bowels of the senior circuit or just really screwed up a decent fantasy week for the Magnificent Maracas, I’ll forever be reminded of my Jennings-induced anxiety.


OK, so the slaughtering Jason Jennings took yesterday apparently isn't all that rare. In fact, according to JJ's flaming Y! note, some dude allowed 11 1st inning runs just last year for the KC Royals.

You know what? I hope this Jennings thing is a sign that the Astros are soon to be the new Royals... 20 years of ineptness, nary an all-star, laughing stock of the league.

I can't think of another MLB franchise I'd rather see suffer through pathetic season after pathetic season than Houston. They put a hill in center field for crying out loud! And every time I see them on TV, there's dumpy old "this is working out well for them" Babs Bush perched just over the batter's shoulder. And George senior popping peanuts, chirping with his oil cronies... get 'em off my screen! When this godforsaken franchise burns like Enron remember... Jason Jennings lit the fire!!!

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nice comments.

i would agree. you didn't even mention that joke of a left field.

how 'bout old tony armas jr. coming up with a decent outing.

your pirate rant was tough but probably accurate. this is the most i have felt like ditching the team since sid crossed homeplate.

it doesn't help to see pirate castoffs like alex rios and chris young do well....

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