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Casting Call

An '07 resolution has been to enter more contests. While the strategy really just subjects you to an immense amount of losing, MJ was lucky enough to net a gift card from the Insurance Company earlier this month. So I guess it's my turn to carry my weight in all of this. Here's the mission:
Contest -
The Immortal Postseason Moment - Hrbek's tag
The Cast - ??
Might as well turn yesterday's heartache into today's low-budget comedy. I'm seeing spaghetti and meatballs, the obligatory exaggerated tag turned pile-driver and a "language edited for tv" (think Boyz N The Hood on USA) spoof of the exchange between our hapless hero Gant and the married-to-the-mob ump. I need a Hrbek, a Gant, an Ump and a Corrales. Where're my thespians? Or should I just do a jib-jab?

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I definitely see suplex rather than pile driver.

Or...Gant could flip the script and DDT Hrbie.

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