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Another Tuesday means another day of new music on the iTunes Music Store. So as I'm downloading Kanye West's new release, Late Registration, I thought I'd update American Idol fans on past competitor's efforts currently available on the Store.

Available today as a pre-release, the Lauryn Hill sound-alike (Randy Jackson's words, not mine) Camile Velasco offers up her debut single "Hangin On". The 30 second preview doesn't sound too bad, but that's probably because the 80s remake is a familiar tune. "And what's more importantly", no signs of the wristband on the album cover.

Prior to the Velasco release, Latoya London's "Appreciate" was the most recent Idol-alum debut. Despite a nice get on a guest verse from The Roots' Black Thought, the preview sounds like the 2000's formulaic R&B. That doesn't mean it can't be good, but there's only so much room in a shopping cart.

Outside of the compilations from the show, the following is a list of AI alums on iTunes:
  • Bo Bice - Inside Your Heaven (Single)
  • Camile Velasco - Hangin On (Single)
  • Carmen Rasmussen - Photograph (Single)
  • Carrie Underwood - Inside Your Heaven (Single)
  • Clay Aiken - Measure of a Man (Album); Merry Christmas with Love (Album)
  • Constantine Maroulis - Pray for the Soul of Betty (Album)
  • Diana Degarmo - Blue Skies (Album)
  • Fantasia - Free Yourself (Album)
  • George Huff - My Christmas (EP)
  • Josh Gracin - Josh Gracin (Album); Stay With Me (Single)
  • Justin Guarini - Justin Guarini (Album)
  • Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (Album); Thankful (Album)
  • Kimberly Locke - One Love (Album)
  • Latoya London - Appreciate (Single)
  • Ruben Studdard - Soulful (Single); I Need An Angel (Single)
  • Tamyra Gray - The Dreamer (Album)
  • William Hung - Inspiration (Album); Hung for the Holidays (Album); We Are the Champions (EP)
I think that's it. Sorry, no Jon Peter Lewis. Yet.

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You really only need to mention one Idol - Kelly Clarkson. My girl is the best, hands down. Breakaway, Since U Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes - no other AI contestant will sniff the popularity and cred of those hits.

Any Mario Vasquez on iTunes? I might have to check.
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I totally agree with Kelly being number 1. She is an extremely talented artist, and even if she wasn't from Idol I would like her music. That's saying something.
She has actually had a successful singing career, runner up Clay Aiken has been somewhat successful, but is no match for Idol Kelly.

I noticed Bice and Underwood have released the same single. This is terrible...Bice lost, it's not his song to release. He could choose from any of the other songs he covered in the competition to release, not the one made for the AMERICAN IDOL to release.

Don't feel bad for Bice though. While he will never sniff the Idol title, he will definetely sniff something else.

Camille Valasco, are you serious?
purchased camile velasco's hanging on.. its awesome! check her remix with Pras is cool! lucky to have universal motown!

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