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So T.O.'s first preseason reception of the '05 season achieved the same result as his first preseason reception in '04. Both were touchdowns on the first play from scrimmage. No surprise to see the fans erupt with excitement, but this one didn't. Its a bummer to realize that an Eagle wideout is most likely going to dominate opponents all season long without generating a peep of enthusiasm from this fan.

Sheldon Brown on the Eagles D: We're going to be barking all season long.

Moats or Buck? Traditional thought says a change of pace back best complements a starting tailback. If you got the Bus, you send out Amos Zeroue on occasion. If your starting RB is Tiki Barber, you spell him with Charles Way. With the loss of between-the-tackles runner Correll Buckhalter (again), the Eagles are comfortable moving Ryan Moats up the depth chart to back up starter Brian Westbrook. It will be interesting to see how spelling an elusive back with incredible quickness with another of similar traits pans out. Could this approach possibly work better for the Birds O? The biggest change might be an increase in touchdown passes for Donovan McNabb, since the Eagles won't have an inside runner to rely on inside the 5.

I've got Bengals Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer in how many fantasy leagues again? Thankfully Cincy was on the Eagles schedule last year.

Could Koy Detmer's job be in jeopardy? Andy Hall's been in the system long enough that Koy's "understanding of the offense" might not hold as much merit as it used to. And with Detmer's arm-strength lacking compared to Hall, I wonder if the Eagles would consider the younger QB. We'll get to see a lot of new Eagle Mike McMahon at quarterback next week, and I think its safe to say he'll be the Birds top option to back up ol' number 5 going into the season.


You won't even celebrate the brilliant passes from ol' number 5 on any T.O. touchdown catches this year?

Glad to see the Birds finally ridding themselves of some dead weight (Simon).

Eagles D has only given up 3 points on 13 preseason possessions so far this year.

Hey, this is starting to feel like a post...
Don't underestimate the value of Koy Detmer as a holder.

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