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Casual Fan Warning

As a full-fledged Eagles fan, my Birds-pack includes watching every preseason game in its entirety. Unlike a certain WR, I am committed to this team and plan to honor that contract by checking out the '05 preseason opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I must warn the less committed, this could very well be the most annoying football broadcast ever!

Usually a Monday Night Football game guarantees the announcing team of Al Michaels and John Madden. Well, tonight for some reason, the game will be on ESPN, which means we'll have to endure the three-headed monster known as MikePatrick, Joe Theisman and Paul Maguire. Unlike Madden, who usually sticks to the on-field activity, these three schmucks will be dwelling on the T.O. drama all night long.

You'll hear about the sit-ups. You'll get to know Drew Rosenhaus. They'll even probably mention Rush Lame-baugh's recent comments that he'd like to combine his wealth of football knowledge and effective "people skills" to unite these once dominant teammates. And when they take a break from Owens, Hines Ward's contract holdout will most likely become the topic.

I just reviewed my contract... thankfully I didn't see anything prohibiting the use of the mute button.


even though i am a stiller fan, i think the eagles will be victorious this evening. they are probably so fed up with this circus, they will come out and play hard all night.
I originally thought the same thing...the 'Birds would come out and jump to a quick 17-3 lead yadda yadda yadda.

Looks like that was shot to sh*t...

At least Downtown Reggie Brown has looked decent thus far.

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