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The Hinge

Following the completion of this evening's fantasy football draft, I realize the promise of my BlazeNet Football League version of Gang Green hinges on the same player that my Kegger Krew Football League version of Gang Green does: Arizona Cardinals rookie running back J.J. Arrington.

I had Arrington ranked 21st overall at his position for several reasons: 1) An aging Cardinals running back proved he was still a diamond during a solid fantasy season a year ago; 2) The Card's offense should be better than last year's thanks to Anquan Boldin's complete return of health, Larry Fitzgerald's year of experience, and the addition of veteran QB Kurt Warner; 3) An improved offense should translate to more sustained drives and an increase in scoring chances. Therefore, I nabbed "The Hinge" in the 4th round in each draft (38th overall in BFL and 37th overall in KKL) to complement my first round pick in each case, Ravens' running back Jamal Lewis.

Here's the problem: I know absolutely nothing at all about J.J. Arrington. Seems like I should...
  • He was born in 1983. That year, rookie RB Eric Dickerson led the NFL in rushing yards. E.D. ran for the Los Angeles Rams who moved to St. Louis in 1995. STL was vacated by the Cardinals franchise which moved to Arizona (originally Phoenix) in 1988. J.J. runs for the Cardinals - full circle... what a start!

  • As a 2nd round pick, Arrington was the 4th back selected in this year's draft. Hmmm... Clinton Portis was a 2nd round pick 3 years ago selected behind William Green (1st back taken!), T.J. Duckett and Deshaun Foster, becoming an immediate fantasy sensation. Arrington the next Portis? I like it!

  • In 2004, the Cal product scored 15 TDs which exacted the Arizona Cardinals' combined total of 15 TDs from its entire backfield.

  • It's a decade thing... 1975 was the only season Jim Otis ran for over 1,000 yards for the Cardinals, 1985 was the only season Stump Mitchell ran for 1,000 plus yards for the Cards and 1995 was the only season Garrison Hearst broke 1,000 for Arizona. The leagues I have J.J. in aren't keepers, so, sweet!

  • What do the geniuses at Scouts, Inc. have to say in the Fantasy Football Preview edition of ESPN the Magazine? "Think Warrick Dunn without all those annoying MRIs. Should thrive in Arizona's three-wide sets." Did they have to use the word thrive? At least they have him ranked 30th among RBs.
With the forthcoming season in the balance, things sound promising for "The Hinge." Here's to J.J. supplying the dynamite to an explosive '05 for Gang Green.


J.J. is going to be dyn-o-mite this year. Mr. Sparkle got his scout on and I like what I see.

I mean, who's going to unseat him in 'Zona? Marcell Shipp? Blogga, please.

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